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day off + hairs cut | Weekend Happenings pt1

Most weekends start on Friday…but this week it is starting a day early! Be sure to check out the rest of the weekend fun with Weekend Happenings PT2 and PT3 🙂

Thursday Evening

Started the day with a lovely run, worked most of the day, took off towards KC, worked my way through KC rush hour traffic, and got to my pacer meeting late…

The turnout for the pacer meeting was impressive! It could have been because Eladio’s pacer speeches are riveting!!…or it could have been the 20% off Gary Gribbles discount. 🙂

Pacer supplies ✔️ $25 gift card won ✔️ 20% discount and $25 used ✔️ Prepared for pacing this fall ✔️✔️✔️

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Most Friday’s start with a run or yoga…nope, not today! I slept in until 7am! Whoa!

The ‘rents left for work and little man was already up…so I got up. Breakfast of champs – eggs and fruit 🙂

Little man spent the morning playing around the house. We played ball on the stairs…layer around on the kitchen mat, brought his cars/truck/boat up from downstairs, and made a fun mess of toys 🙂

We headed out to the store for allergy medicine (bug bites by the eyes make you look like you got in a fight…) and to the post office!

I finally sent in my Project Repat shirts…ekk! I am anxiously awaiting for the box to be delivered! My memories are somewhere…in the US… 


Since I only PLANNED on being in the store long enough to grab medicine, I didn’t get a cart… Wrong. 

Little man decided that he wanted another orange…so we walked across the whole store to get a handful of mandarin oranges. Then he didn’t want to hold them…then they started falling to the ground! Okay, bag, oranges, done. No longer a small kid…


Once we got home, nap time!

Once Papa got home from work, I was able to get out for a run! Yeah! Yep, I ran with my pacer stick…no horn honking, but a few slowed down to see what my “sign” said, ha!


Snack time for little man and mom before heading out to make a new friend!!

New friend! LITERALLY! She just turned 3 weeks old 🙂 

Little Miss Madelyn Quinn 🙂


After playing with Maddie (…or mostly playing in the hand sanitizer), we headed to the hospital to see Mrs Katie – special bonus, Char and Matt were around to play too! **Keep smiling and laughing Katie, don’t lose your mind!! **

Until next time, Charlie! Cousin love!

Next stop, hairs cut doe little man and mommy! 

Little man started being a little tired acting during the cut…as you can MAYBE tell by his splits move 😆

Nana came by and was able to take little man home while I got my hairs cut too.

I knew I wanted a BIG cut… For Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, I needed 8″ cut off. When Suzi showed me 8″, I thought I could have a little more. 

I ended up getting 10″ cut off!

Ekkkk!! No going back!!

Well, 10″ is a lot gone…but my hair is probably still considered middle/long in length! Not too shabby…

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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