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race + family | Weekend Happenings pt3

Be sure to check out the rest of the weekend fun with Weekend Happenings PT1 and PT2 🙂 Today’s clif notes: MO Cowbell run, driving FOREVER, sister’s baby shower, dinner…sleep!!


Bright and early start! I laid all my clothes out for the race last night, so I could just get up, get dressed, and go!

I picked up Melinda from her sister’s house and we were soon on our way to the start!

Thank goodness for coffee!

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img_6232Lunch on-the-go was in the form of McD’s chicken nuggets 🙂

Once back in the area of KC, I stopped by my little sister’s baby shower.

Sweet Lily Grace will be welcomed at the end of November, Lord willing 🙂

There were games (measure mommy, name games, and outdoor fun), food, cake, and lots of kiddos running around! 

I was already running late for the party after my long drive…or I would have gone to pick up little man for the event.

Not sure the name of this game…but here are the rules. Player 1 has a baby bottle of water or juice (or whatever), the middle players have a balloon in their shirt and ping-pong ball between their legs (anywhere between knees and hips), and the last player has another bottle of liquid. 

Player one chugs the baby bottle. Once finished, the middle people waddle up to a cup or vase and try to drop their ball into the cup/vase. If they make it, the next person goes. If they miss, they go back into line and wait for their next attempt. Once everyone has made their balls in the cup/vase, the last player starts chugging their bottle. First to finish wins!

Our team finished the first bottle first and got all of our balls in the vase before the other team was finished with their first bottle! Our last bottle chugged just didn’t chug quick enough and the other team ended up winning… Fun game though!

Many blessings for this pair 🙂



I had some chicken enchiladas waiting for me back at the house…so I headed back. That…and I missed my little man!


I am pretty sure I was in bed for the night before little man… Long, eventful day 🙂

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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