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ExMO + relaxing | Weekend Happenings pt2

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A bright and early start for the weekend! Usually, my Saturday would start with a run…and it could have, but it started with a nice long drive. First stop, Starbucks!

So I didn’t see a runrise, but a standard sunrise was nice too!

I know it doesn’t happen often, but I forgot to eat this morning… Good thing I grabbed my “snack bag” and had a couple bananas to snack on 🙂 

About 3.5 hours after starting out, I made my way into the ExMO for MO Cowbell!

The ExMO floor…

Ready to start the day, yoga mat and coffee in hand 🙂 

MO Cowbell had classes throughout the morning, so I started my ExMO experience with some yoga. 

I want about my day, in and out of the ExMO hanging out pacer materials to new running friends. 

When I stepped out to meet up with Melinda, I spent a little time at the Brooks outside tent. I got to run on the treadmill, barefoot, to get my hair analyzed… I have always worn Adrenaline, which is a more stability show. But my analysis showed that I have more of a neutral stride. Depending on the width of shoe, I will surely try to step out of my Adrenaline comfort zone (pun pun!!). 🙂

I should have been on a first name basis with the Brooks tent people…I was over there 4-5 times throughout the day! Ha!

I stopped by Chipotle for some BOGO burritos for Emily and I for dinner. Thanks for the sleep space Em!

I also made nice with her cats, all 4 of them! 

Simon wasn’t shy about making friends with me 🙂

Emily even let me try her new Air Relax pants! Bonus!

Off to bed for an early start in the morning!

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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