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traveling + Party With A Purpose | Weekend Happenings pt1


While I would have loved to get in a morning run before todays traveling craziness…I just didn’t! 

My bestie and I are headed to San Diego (with a brief layover in DFW) for the Fit Foodie Weekend!! We are both super excited for the fun to come!

A quick shower, conversation with MIL, coffee brewed, and we were on our way!

The Kansas Speedway looks TINY from way up high 😉

We made it to Dallas!!

Now…a one hour layover before the long 3 hour flight to San Diego!! 

The second flight was good…minus the TVs not working and not allowing anyone to watch the on board movies 😕 I just need something to pass the time! 

Oh well…a nap will do, I guess.

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Once in San Diego, we needed to get to our hotel. A bus was going to take almost another hour of traveling…so we decided to take an Uber. 

First one drove around town, never showed up, and then charged us…no bueno.

The second called and wasn’t at the airport…no dice.

The third driver called to be sure what terminal we were at and…third time is a charm! 

**Something was screwy with the GPS and looking back, the first two drivers went to the destination as the pick up location…whatevs.

We are not in Kansas anymore!!

Once we were settled, we decided to take a dip in the pool…and this pool is like no other!

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After a little R&R, we decided to go get ready for the Party With A Purpose event! We are only a 10 minute walk away, so we decided to visit a couple stores to pass the time 😀

The party was great! There was a lot of food and drinks! A full recap to come 😜

Nothing like cramming between two amazing athletes after stuffing my face all night! 😆

We stuck around for the giveaways and Steph won a cook book signed by a famous chef!! “I never win anything!” Riiight…..

We walked back to the hotel, takes about our plans for tomorrow…and headed to bed!

How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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