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Fit Foodie 5K + post race fun | Weekend Happenings pt2

Did you check out what we did on Friday? Go for it! It is going to be a busy weekend!


As much as my alarm should have been my friend this morning…it was not. I certainly could use the extra sleeping time 🙂

As the sun came up, we made our way to the Fit Foodie Run area! It was a 10 minute walk down the chore line…a nice all to start the morning 🙂

Once we got our bibs, we headed to the start area. There were a lot of people ready to walk or run!

Start line! Yay!

We decided to walk the 5k rather than running…enjoying the scenery more than anything! Walking along the shore line was a nice change to my dark neighborhood jaunts 🙂

Once we finished, we jumped right into the Vitality Event!! Here are a few of my favorites (more to see in my recap in the coming week) 🙂

Sweet potato stacks…yes please!

Momentum was in attendance! It was nice to meet Amy 🙂

True organic juices were great!

Kombucha awesomeness…

The beer line was a little out of control…so we tried the Truly Spiked Sparkling Water and kept on wandering around!

We missed the first workout of the day while standing in the beer line…but we made up for it by going to all the rest of the Cooking Light and workout demos.

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After the event, we showered, changed, and headed out for the afternoon! 

First stop, the Cat Cafe!! This coffee house has a room with lots of adoptable cats 🙂 It sounded like a fun place to hang out for a bit. While we weren’t there for a long time, we were able to meet all the resident felines and get our kitty (and raspberry tea) fix!

My favorite paining for sale in the Cat Cafe!!

We sat outside for a couple minutes before there was room for us to meet and play with the cats…

Yay! We’re in!

Next stop… PetCo Park 🙂 We are in the final time of the season and a baseball stadium is always a great place to visit!

While we were in the area, I needed to use a restroom, badly! We saw “public restroom” signs, but all the doors were locked!

Since Stone Tap Room was right there, we decided to stop and check it out…and also use the bathroom! I loved the look of he bar and resturaunt, checked out the menu, but we weren’t all that hungry…so we left.

We just started walking 🙂 

No real place in mind…except we needed a “convenience store” type of place. We started in the direction of Ralph’s but decided to stop at the World Market!

I gravitated towards the things the hubs would like… Beer selection, beer openers, and beer holders 🙂 Ha! Didn’t buy anything…but got some fun ideas!!

We kept walking and eventually made it to Ralph’s 🙂 we loved the store…the product looked great, the fresh food looked and smelled good (probably just the hunger talking), and there was wine tastings! 


We decided to get some “sushi” and have a picnic!

We walked down to Pantoja Park (the only green space near us on the map) and found a shady area to sit. It was a little sketchy…many homeless milling around and it smelled like doody where we were sitting… No good!

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After eating, we decided to head towards the Seaport area – the same area we were last night. 

As we approached, we noticed a big group of people… Turns out, the “dog whisperer” was doing some kind of demo and there were a lot of dogs all over the place!

We showed up at the very end…so I am not sure what it was really all about…

We proceeded down the shore line towards the Navy ships!

We decided not to go on board, but walked all the way up to it 🙂 Talk about a HUGE ship!!

“Sitting at the dock of the bay…”

While we were in the area, we stopped in several shops and even got some ice cream 🙂

Before long, we were thinking about relaxing at the pool. Once we got outside, we decided it was a bit too cool for soaking our feet…

So we decided to relax by one of the outside fire pit 🙂

We decided to head out to find some dinner 🙂 There was a pizza joint that caught our eye early in the day – so that is where we were headed.

On the way, we saw a Food/Cinema event in the back parking lot. Fun!

Dinner!! and music 🙂

We didn’t stick around long because there was a lady blowing her cigarette smoke in our direction…no good. 

Once back at the hotel, we tested by the fire pits for a little longer. A beautiful morning and a nice evening made for an awesome day in San Diego!

Off to bed a little “early” – 8:45pm local time makes for a LATE 10:45pm bedtime (what my body feels like)!!

Running and workout morning followed by lots of traveling tomorrow… Wish us luck!! 

How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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