Weekly Workout

keeping up… | Weekly Workouts

This week was a little easier week… I wanted to “rest” a little from my double half marathon weekend last weekend and not wear myself out too much. Having some questionable weather a couple mornings helped keep me inside,…at least until lunch πŸ™‚ I will be traveling Friday and Sunday…so those days might not be… Continue reading keeping up… | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Wrap Up & Happenings

Fit Foodie 5K + post race fun | Weekend Happenings pt2

Did you check out what we did on Friday? Go for it! It is going to be a busy weekend! Saturday As much as my alarm should have been my friend this morning…it was not. I certainly could use the extra sleeping time πŸ™‚ As the sun came up, we made our way to the Fit Foodie… Continue reading Fit Foodie 5K + post race fun | Weekend Happenings pt2

Weekly Workout

summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

Since I started mixing up weekend workouts due to pacing the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon last weekend, this week’s easier workouts suited me well… But it means that I will be getting a “nice” long run this weekend… Phew, what a week! Weekly Workouts Monday- easyΒ morning run with Angie (6 miles)Β (21,807 steps) Morning… Continue reading summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout

another week, another run | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Monday- no workout Tuesday- 2.5 morning miles between rain storms – not every run is going to be a PR buster or an AWESOME run…sometimes, you just beat your alarm in enough time to get in a couple miles before heading to work… I was able to get a short run between weather… Continue reading another week, another run | Weekly Workouts