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run away the crazy | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


But first…

Running… and coffee!

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When all else fails, running is my go to for joy, sorrow, peace, inner battles, thinking time, talking time, time in the fresh air…you get the point!

These days, my Facebook is filled with so much hatred… My Instagram is filled with so much hope and positivity (my WordPress says this isn’t a word…but I am making it one)! 

I am loving the positivity!!

bye bye Facebook…

That being said…I am not going to be on Facebook as much for a little while. I am not going cold turkey,…but definitely less!

I just can’t handle the slander that so many people are putting out there! I get it – you are upset that the person that you wanted to run this country didn’t win… That does NOT give you the right to be an a-hole to everyone around you!

By making more rude remarks, you are helping nothing. You are contributing to the hate that surrounded this whole election process.

This is the time to be the bigger person and make the BEST of a “bad situation”…

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hello Instagram…you have always been my favorite 🙂

I follow mostly food and fitness (and friends from near and far) inspirations that keep me motivated and active!..and these days, there are so many people saying “live and let live!”

…just run!!

Nothing helps calm the craziness in my life than getting out for a good run!!

Don’t believe me?? Try it!! And then try again…over and over…never give up!

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…not a political person

I am not a political person.

You will not typically see me advocating for a particular candidate.

Yes – I voted! Didn’t you?!

You will not see me gloating or pouting about who won or lost…

No matter who won the Presidential election this year, there is going to be half the nation that is upset and half the nation that is overjoyed! This is how it always goes!

This is how the system works! 

Truth – I am hesitant to see how the next 4-8 years shake out…but we need to trust that everything happens for a reason and we will all be okay. You have to believe that and you have to make your days the best that you can!

next year…

I have started thinking about next years runs and races!

Haven’t you all?!

Yeah…so my October was PACKED with running this year (and probably every year, who am I kidding?!). My April is looking to be my spring October… I love love love running and pacing events, but I might have to really evaluate the races I can do,…

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fall/winter fueling 

With the end of another training and running cycle, my focus goes back to nutrition and cross training.

Towards the end of my training cycles, my diet gets a little more lax and I eat things that I know A) I shouldn’t, B) will make my stomach mad at me, and/or C) junk stuff…

Now that I am in my final week of my fall schedule, I get to refocus and revamp my eating and training over the winter months! Am I the only one that get’s excited for that?!

2016 in 2016

Well, I have sort of lost hope that I will be able to finish 2016 miles IN the 2016 calendar year…but I am still plugging away!

No matter if I finish or not, whatever the miles I put in are more miles that I have ever been able to put in 365 days!! That is a HUGE accomplishment!

I received my medal in the mail the other day…it is going to stay in the package until I am able to finish my miles! That day will signify a HUGE accomplishment in my short time running 🙂

They are now taking pre-registration for 2017! Interested? Sign up!! I am not sure that I will do the challenge next year…but we shall see 🙂

 JORD Wood Watches

A little while ago, I sneak peeked the hubs birthday present on Instagram…

Now that he has his new JORD Wood Watch, I finally am posting about it! Check out my Review and Giveaway a little later today!!

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “run away the crazy | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. I’m not a very political person either, but let’s just say I wasn’t happy with how the election went. And we’ll leave it there. I live in a divided household — and I have for 31 years. We have very different views on the world, but somehow we still make it work for us.

    November is usually the month I race the most! Just call me a fair weather racer. 🙂


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