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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. I received a JORD Wood Watch in exchange for my honest opinions and review. All opinions are my own (or the hubs) and we were not further compensated for this review.

I seem to always know what the hubs wants or needs…

His birthday is an event that I can have a little fun with 🙂

As a man with many interests and talents, it can be hard to narrow down my prospective gifts to the ones he could use the most at the time.

Anything beer related is always my go-to. A new brew kettle (or 5) is always on the list…yes, but I don’t want him to see what I am getting on Amazon…

Anything hunting related is appreciated, but I am WAY less confident in shopping for anything other than ammo…

This year is the hubs B-I-G 3-0 and I want to get him something different and unique

I recently read some appealing reviews about JORD Wood Watches and I was intrigued! The pictures online are beautiful and the unique styles are just what I was looking for!

First Task : Measuring

Well, Mr. Livinglovingrunner is a man’s man…hard working, beer brewing, hunting and gathering…but mostly working, man’s man.

Being sneaky about measuring someone’s wrist is about as difficult as sneaking up on a lion covered in animal blood…it just isn’t happening without getting caught!!

One early morning, I used the measuring paper provided on the JORD website and attempted to measure the hubs wrist while he was sleeping… I almost succeeded!! But then he woke up and was like, “What are you doing? What is that?”

Caught! But unscathed… I just said, “Nothing! Go back to sleep!”

Later, he asked again why I was measuring his wrist… I dodged the question with other topics and the situation was left amiss 🙂

**Sizing note: The actual sizing may be within a centimeter of the wrist size you provide with placing your order. The wooden links are generally a centimeter long and JORD is unable to cut the links to customize for an exact fit.

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Deciding the watch

Check out JORD’s website! The watches are all beautiful and unique in their own way!

The wood colors and textures are so eye catching it was really hard to choose which one to gift to the hubs without making my own wish list 🙂 (looking at you Frankie 35…)

They make both men’s and women’s specific watches and they can be made custom to fit you just right!

I loved the simple design of the Frankie – I loved the dark tones of the Sandlewood – and it is perfect in the Emerald Green (the hubs fave color!!).


Surprise!! (almost)

Well…If you know me, you know that I am not good at surprises…

But my hubs also isn’t an active Instagram user, so it was alright 🙂 (No worries, I added hashtags and tagging after the surprise…)

This JORD Wood Watch is too beautiful – I couldn’t contain my excitement!

I cannot wait to see his reaction to this gorgeous timepiece!

…several days later!!

While we spent the weekend back home, I was able to surprise the hubs with this wood watch before heading out for the night. He was in aw!

While my mid-morning measuring fiasco wasn’t perfect, the watch measured just a little small. Within a couple days, the hubs was in-and-out of the jeweler with an extra link added – PERFECT!

He loved the watch and I even caught him smelling it to be sure it was real wood 🙂

How could I not try it on too?! The men’s style works great for ladies as well!!

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