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driving + Longview | Weekend Happenings

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img_8398The weekend always seems to start on Friday…but this week was a little different. I didn’t get around early enough to get to yoga at the gym, and I just lazied around the house before work. After a long day, I headed home a little early and this was my sight across the parking lot 🙂 It is Veteran’s Day after all, who wouldn’t get a little excited to see this!

I headed to the bank, headed home to grab clothes and stuff for the weekend (night) in KC, and headed over to the daycare to pick up little man. He wasn’t rushed to leave…so I mentioned that we were going to see Nana and Papa…and that got him moving!

We hit the road with good time to spare! I talked to my dad for a little while and we were going to meet up for dinner once we were in town. A little later down the road, I realized that I forgot my pacer stick in Manhattan…in the hubs truck from the weekend before. 


I turned around in Topeka and what was feeling like a long trip just got that much longer… over an hour longer in fact! Oh well… The sunset was nice! I called dad too and told him about my mistake – he was very understanding and we decided to meet up the following evening before we headed back out of town.

Little man was not happy that I turned around…not happy at all! But…then I found a glow stick in my car to keep little man entertained for as long as possible! It kept his mind off the extra time at least… We got something quick to eat on our second time out of town…

Once in KC, it wasn’t long before we all were going to bed… 


Race morning! Today I was headed to Longview Lake for the Longview Half. Good thing I set my clothes out…it was a chilly one!!

I arrived early to get my bib and timing chip… I wasn’t going to be in town on time the day before to get my packet, so I was sure to arrive EARLY that morning. Worst case, I would be sitting in my car for a little while.

Ready to run!!

There were a lot of people milling around and not in the starting chute…but everyone finally filtered in! 

And we’re off!!

The race has a couple of GOOD hills on the course, the first is at mile 2!! There is a King and Queen of the mountain – the fastest male/female runners to the top…that will never be me!! I did though escape eating some concrete when I tripped on the timing mat at the top!

I kept 2 of my gang in my grasp most of the race, and then I went back for my pals after I finished!

I finished in 2:54:47 with no one really behind me… I encouraged a few gals in the final stretch to give it all they had, and they all finished ahead of me! 

I am not sure how much more I ran, but I wasn’t about to leave anyone behind!

I went a short distance for Tammy – this was her 51st half marathon; she wanted to run 50 before her 50th birthday! Please lord keep me running that long!!

Then I went back out for Celeste – and she was hauling! 

Finally, I went out for Rylina! She was struggling in the final stretch and I told her I would come back for her. I kept my word! I was that bug in her ear the final seconds, but it pushed her across the line!

My gang is back again!! Great work ladies!!

I even met up with some running pals from the KC area 🙂 Great work guys!!

On my way home, I hit up Starbucks for some warm brew 🙂 It was warming up outside, but it still sounded (and tasted) so good!

And nothing is better than a coffee float….yep!! That is Caramel Swirl ice cream in my coffee!! So delish…

I snacked a little on some guac and chips and some of my homemade CLICK Coffee + Protein Balls – then the little man was awake from his nap and ready to play!..or at least eat 🙂

We hung around the house long enough for him to wake up and snack…

Before long, we headed to Gardner to see mom. She was recently moved into an assisted care facility so dad could get a little extra support. My mom has has experienced mental illness most of her adult life, but until the past few years, it was relatively manageable. Since I got engaged, her episodes have become more frequent and her hospital stays are pilling up. The assisted living facility is supposed to help the “medical professionals” better monitor mom and see if there are other causes that put her into manic and depressive states. She has been there for two weeks now, and things only seem to be getting worst and not better…

Little man and I stopped in to see the place and see how she was doing. She perked up and sat on the edge of her bed…but didn’t say a word. When I would ask her a question, she would just look at me…and her eyes were soft and looked like she wanted to talk…but just couldn’t. I kept the conversation light with little man…we talked about the pictures in her room, the color of our clothes and her bed, and just stayed calm. Before long, little man was over it and wanted to go. I told mom that we were going to leave and little man gave her a hug and kiss. She returned the gesture, so I know she understood what was happening. 

It breaks my heart to see her not well… I just wish that there was a better solution. The facility is a nice pause…but isn’t a place that is going to be good for her long term care…

After meeting with mom, I called dad to see what he wanted to do for dinner. We met up at Chili’s and relaxed for a little bit. Little man was just excited to be able to order his own food and he REALLY wanted corn on the cob 🙂

We watched some of the football games on the TVs and when I had taken little man to the bathroom for the 3rd time, I knew it was time to go.

We made the long trek back to Manhattan…and then off to bed!!

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While there was a lot I could have got accomplished Sunday, nothing was truly accomplished.

The hubs left early to go hunting with the family and I was just home, relaxing, most of the day! Little man was up around 8am or so…and we vegged out in our bed for a little while. We then headed downstairs to eat some breakfast…late breakfast…

There was some playing, cars, and a movie – before long it was nap time!

Once the hubs came home, he was then out napping…so little man and I made dinner, ate dinner, and soon put away dinner. The hubs was beat and I wasn’t about to wake him! 

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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12 thoughts on “driving + Longview | Weekend Happenings

  1. Thank you for sharing about your mom. I can only imagine how difficult and heartbreaking the situation must be.

    I ran my first race in a while (after an injury). It was a 12K – a distance I haven’t raced – and I was happy with how it all went. Hoping to keep up the momentum, continue to increase mileage, and enter more races!!


    1. It is going to be especially difficult through the upcoming holidays…I feel like I am going to need to give my dad a lot more support than I am used to. Maybe he doesn’t want the help, but I’ll be there for him… Great job getting back to racing! Injuries can be very defeating – overcoming the physical and mental challenges is amazing!


  2. I have been following your blog for awhile now and this is my first comment!

    Like you, I have a parent with mental illness. My father and my sister have struggled with bipolar most of my life. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and your family. Thank you for writing about your mother. It helps knowing that there are other people that are experiencing similar situations.


    1. Welcome 😉😉 I have struggled with depression in high school and college and my sister has also had bipolar tendencies in her past. I have found that just being honest with my hubs about feeling a little down helps curb the potential blow up that happened often while we were dating. Mental illness is super tough…it is hard for me to see my dad upset because mom isn’t communicating verbally with him. She always seems to be able to come out of it…but with them both getting older, I am not sure what the future holds. Thank you for telling me about your family! I feel so alone most of the time…it is comforting to know others have similar issues ❤️


  3. You are a wonderful pacer! I’m not those ladies were so appreciative that you went back for them. I wanted to run Longview but I was running the Gobbler Grind on Sunday, so didn’t want to run back-to-back races without any days in-between.


  4. This is such a wonderful thing that you helped this runner cross the finishing line of her 50th Half – Marathon. What a great achievement. What a dedicated pacer you are Lindsey! Love that you are doing this on regular basis! Your little guy is super cute!
    Have a great Running Week Lindsey!


  5. I have a brother with mental illness who has been in an assisted living facility for 8 years. He is not elderly, but with our parents gone it was the only way to make sure he took his medication as scheduled and be monitored properly. It’s sad. My heart goes out to you.

    It has got to feel so rewarding to help people cross those finish lines! Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


    1. I don’t think that this is the best place long term for my mom, but as long as she doesn’t become physical with the staff, she is allowed to stay and be monitored. Most times she has a mania episode, she gets physical…so I am super nervous about getting that call. In the meantime, my dad can sleep a little easier knowing she is save and not walking out the front door and wandering the streets… It’s super tough…but necessary.


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