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National Runners Safety Month | Tools & Tech | Friday Five

Well…somehow, someway, it is already FRIDAY! Time flies when you are having fun!!…or when you chasing around a little man and have no time to spare!! 

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November is National Runners Safety Month! We are already 11 days in…and I have been itching to post about my favorite safety tools and/or techs for running! 

We recently had a big group night run in honor of National Runners Safety Month at our local running store – Manhattan Running Company. It was awesome seeing the line of runners light up the night! 

(I am on the far right, purple/pink NoxGear vest, headlamp, and green necklace)

Let’s go!

Garmin Forerunner 235

I was gifted the Garmin Forerunner 235 after completing my first marathon! I used the 225 for around 6 months and loved it! The 235 has a little different technology and the face has a little smaller profile.

My Garmin helps me track everything about my run – pace, distance, heart rate, GPS mapping, calories burned, and so much more! Knowing my running and health stats keeps me in tune with my overall fitness. This in turn, is valuable information to keep me safe while I run. It isn’t always about physical safety while out on a run, but also being aware of how hard I am pushing my body. For instance, keeping my heart rate down on an easy run is necessary for that type of workout.

Another feature that I love is the Live Tracking. I have my Garmin set up so that my hubs can Live Track me whenever I am out for a run. I am not good about knowing my route or telling others when I run solo – so this is a way for him to see where I am running.

Road ID

A great low-key item that I ALWAYS am wearing is my Road ID. In the case that something does happen to me on a run, my Road ID has a lot of valuable information on it :

  • my name and year I was born
  • hometown info
  • my emergency contact with phone number
  • my blood type and medication allergies

There is a lot of different info you can put on your Road ID – these were just the things that I thought were most valuable in an emergency situation. 

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Reflective Vest

Most days, I run at the butt-crack of dawn. As a smart runner, I will either run with my NoxGear Tracer 360 light vest or my Nathan’s reflective vest. I always get inquires on my NoxGear vest – it has so many fun colors and flash settings that I don’t get bored with it 🙂

There is no excuse to not wear reflective materials when out for a run when the sun is not present. Even around dawn and dusk, it is best to wear reflective gear!

Aftershokz Headphones

I reviewed my Aftershokz headphones a while back – and I still use them today! The open ear, bone conduction technology is perfect for any workout. You can focus on your workout, listen to whatever you want and still be able to hear the world around you! This is very important when running or working out outside in the elements.

Traditional headphones block out the noises around you – which can be downright dangerous when running outside! While wearing my Trekz Titanium, I am able to hear nature, notice when cars are approaching me from behind, I can greet fellow runners, and I just have a better overall sense of my surroundings.

When I ran my first 50K, I brought along my Aftershokz headphones to help keep me motivated through the difficult times. I felt comfortable out on the unfamiliar trail with my Trekz headphones because I could clearly hear everything around me as well as the audio in my headphones!

My Phone!

Keeping my phone with me at all times is a no-brainer. If anything were to happen to me while out on a run, I would need that life-line to get help or assistance! 

A couple months ago, my buddy and I ran up on a gal that was disoriented and visibly upset. I gave her my phone to call her friend to come and get her. With out my phone in hand, we would have been way less helpful and there is no telling what may or may not happened to that gal. 

Other than the benefit of calling for help, I do need to keep my phone close for my music or podcasts to work properly…and that can be important for those difficult or longer runs 🙂

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SimpliSafe Home Security

Another great safety and security tech is SimpliSafe Home Security. SimpliSafe is a 100% wireless, cellular home security system. If you are out for a run, the last thing you what to be worrying or thinking about is what is going on at home.

“All the bells and whistles for a lot less.” -The New York Times

Check them out today!

Do you have any techs to keep you safe while out for a run? 

Happy Friday!!

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19 thoughts on “National Runners Safety Month | Tools & Tech | Friday Five

  1. Thanks for linking up with us for the Friday 5!
    That night run looks like fun! Since I use my ipod for my music I often struggle whether or not I want to lug my phone around with me on a run. I know I should bring it for safety reasons. That is scary about the girl you came upon. I wonder what was wrong with her?


    1. I’m not sure what was up with the girl…she left her phone with her friend and they gave her rough directions on where they were staying…seemed like a “morning after” or “walk of shame” situation. Plus, classes were starting that morning, so probably a new freshman or someone new to the area…


  2. I have a Vizi Belt I wear for most of my wee dark runs in the early hours. I’ve see the light-up vests, and I’m thinking I need to ad one of those to my stash. Although my marathon training is drawing to a close, I plan to continue early morning runs (and probably some evening runs) throughout the winter.


  3. I always carry my phone and have been using the RoadID app to notify my contacts as to when/where I’m running. I like how my contacts track my route and also sends out an alert if I remain stationary for 5min.


  4. All my reflective gear needs major updating. Since I live in a town without running groups and that lacks decent sidewalks and streetlights I seriously need to upgrade to better stuff and stronger lights! Great list!


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