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winter 26.2 training w2 | Weekly Workouts

What a week! While I am not generally a fair-weather runner, some days it just feels better to head inside! I didn’t spend much time at the gym this week… Nice weather keeps me wanting to spend more time outside! I enjoy getting my workouts completed in the morning…but on a great day, I might be running a couple times!


Weekly Workouts

Monday- The best laid plans do not always happen… While I was up at 4am (probably closer to 5am with the snooze button in strong pursuit), I stuck around the house and cleaned. It was cool outside and I didn’t feel like (A) getting cold, or (B) going to the gym. The afternoon was going to be amazing, so I decided on a lunch run! Around 11:30am, I get a call from the hubs – who got a call from the babysitter that little man is sick – fever, not eating, tummy hurts, the works. Great… So I spent the rest of the afternoon around town and home with little man – no running. Once the hubs got home, I got in my necessary mile before heading off to bed. Check out those bright Knuckle Lights (review and discount!) that I am testing as a BibRave ProLearn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Tuesday- While I was up at 4am, so was a crying, hot little man 😦 I stayed home to play nurse for a little while, or at least until he cooled off and I was able to put him back into bed without much fuss. It was then that I decided that I NEEDED to get a few miles before work – then I moved around some laundry, cleared out the dishwasher, refilled and started the dishwasher, put my homebrewed kombucha in the fridge…and then was able to get out for a few miles! Good thing there was a faster paced interval workout on the schedule… Either way, I got caught in rain! Yuck!

I want to make up for some of my lost miles from Sunday and Monday early this week, so I can recover a little more before my long run this weekend…so I planned on going out over my lunch break and then again after work! The weather is nice right now! I want to get in come miles!!

The group run starts at the local Manhattan Running Company and heads out around a local park and back! Nothing too big…like 3+ miles or so. An “easy” run to finish the day – lit up to the max with my Knuckle Lights! Good thing I have a “recovery” run planned tomorrow…ha!!

Wednesday- Another day home with my sick little man…and I just didn’t want to crawl out of bed. While the weather was still nice, we headed out for a few miles…that turned into a couple miles.The cold-front came in FAST and I didn’t want to risk getting sick myself! (little one was bundled to the max already…)

Thursday- Another great trail run! Minus the face plant… Yeah, first one of the season (surprisingly).

Friday- I haven’t been able to get to the gym much this week…mostly due to my snooze button. I placed my phone farther away from the usual spot so I really had to work to get up and turn it off. While I was still later getting to the gym than I would have liked, I made it! Thank you Run Gum (AF link) for the kick I needed for this interval/hills workout!

Saturday- I was happy to see that the rods were clear and without any ice this morning! I started a bit early and got in 4 miles before the group run meet up…scared up a deer or two on the park trail! I didn’t stick with the group for long (as always) but I was able to run 5 of the same 6 mile loop and then looped back for home.

Sunday- The weather, always changing, kept me in from wanting to get out this morning. I planned on going to the gym anyway…I just needed to work out the timing. After going shopping, several loads of laundry, cleaning the house, cleaning up little man’s room, and just wandering around the house, it was finally time 🙂

Weekly Miles : 43.75 miles

84 / 2,017 miles in 2017

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Next week is looking decent for outdoor lunch runs…but I still would like to get my morning routine a little better in sync. My snooze button is used too much for me to try and get a routine set… This needs to change! My goal is to have a morning wake-up time set and attempt to stick to it! 

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How did your training week go? What are you training for? Do you prefer outdoor miles or treadmill miles? 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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11 thoughts on “winter 26.2 training w2 | Weekly Workouts

  1. First of all I hope the little guy is feeling better by now!!
    Those knuckle lights seem like such a great idea and I would totally use on my night or early morning run. I think they are so convenient. It’s not easy getting an early morning running routine down, especially a mom of young child. Way to get your running done besides the the freezing weather.
    Love the words to the Miley song and the jumping pic!!
    Have a great week Lindsey!!


    1. He is doing great now 🙂 I really like the Knuckle Lights for how bright they are! I feel a lot safer on the road now that I can see the road…funny how that works 🙂 I seem to get hooked on an artist for a long run…and Miley really made me think and kept me moving! Have a great week!


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