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Ultimate Coffee Date | February 2017

Good morning everyone! It is a new morning of a new month – the first Saturday Friday morning of February to be exact! Join Coco & Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up!

Let’s chat!


Pick your poison! 

Since today is Friday, and I am posting my Ultimate Coffee Date a little early, you are reading this while I am working and not relaxing… 🙂 Tomorrow, I am going to take little man to Starbucks for a coffee (for me) and chocolate milk (for him)… This is our typical Saturday morning routine when we either get a bountiful basket or hear to the farmers market 🙂 We just sit and chat for a bit. I might bring a book or two this time since the weather is going to be cold and I don’t want it to be a quick trip…

This week, the farmers market it is!!

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Cheers! @starbucks

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The weather is cold…and tomorrow we are headed to the farmers market!! Morning Light Kombucha, I’m coming for you!! 🙂 My last batch didn’t get started on time and I am going to go a couple days without fresh ‘bucha if I don’t get some this weekend! 


If we were having coffee…

I can’t believe that my little man is 3 years old now!! I can remember the few days leading up to his birth day like it was yesterday…but no! It was 3 years ago…

We celebrated his birthday all weekend last weekend…and then on Monday (his ACTUAL birthday) 🙂 After daycare, we went to the park and played, went to McDonald’s for his fave meal (chicken nuggets and french fries), tried to play in the Play Place (but he is still a little too short to make it up the stairs), went and go frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf, walked to the pet store to see the animals, and went home to watch his fave movie (The Secret Life of Pets) and eat one more birthday cupcake!

Busy night!!

If we were sipping on some joe…

Have you ever heard of caffeinated gum? I am an ambassador for Run Gum, a product launched by Nick Symmonds and Coach Sam Lapray. This lightweight, zero calorie caffeine option was created to replace the need for coffee before/during/after physical activity – running specifically in their case. No one likes liquid sloshing around in their stomach during a run! Run Gum delivers a caffeine kick without the need for coffee!

Right now, Run Gum is offering a limited edition box of all 3 flavors of gum – Cinnamon, Mint, and Fruit. This is a great opportunity to really try all of the Run Gum flavors and see which one you enjoy the best (or all of them, in my case…). 

You can get a 10% discount online for your first purchase of Run Gum! Try it today!

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If we were sipping on some joe…

Did you read yesterday that BibRave is now partnering with the Rock ‘n’ Blog Ambassador program for the Rock n’Roll Race Series?! This is an exciting venture!! The Rock ‘n’ Blog team is a community of health & fitness enthusiasts that post any and all insights about the Rock ‘n’ Roll races – and applications for the Rock ‘n’ Blog team are open now! Apply today!

Similar to the Rock ‘n’ Blog team, you can go to to learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), check out race reviews, and write your own race reviews!

Before I became a Pro, I found that is an awesome resource when researching new races I would like to run. While races can change year to year from runner’s feedback to the directors, you can get a good idea of the highs and low of a full event year to year! Check out the reviews and add your own!! 



Got to run!! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!

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Have you tried kombucha?

Do you drink coffee before you run?

Have you ever heard of and the BibRave Pros

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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