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winter 26.2 training w5 | Weekly Workouts

Another week down!! 


Weekly Workouts

Monday- I wasn’t feeling well this morning…so I went back to bed. When I got up over an hour later, I still wasn’t well. If I would have tried to run, it would have been a bad situation!! I took little man to daycare (it is his BIRTHDAY after all!!) and then hit up the pharmacy. I let the meds take effect and then went into work a little late. The true test was heading out for an afternoon run!! While I wasn’t feeling the best, I was able to make the most of a rough start to the day!!

Tuesday- I felt like a zombie this morning…but nothing my Run Gum couldn’t perk up! Also, my knee was feeling a little tight…so I took my warm-up walking and then started my intervals! The gym is always full of interesting sights and sounds – someone running as fast as they can on a near by treadmill, the cycle room music getting louder as the class goes on, the locker room talk, etc. Always something new…

While yes, I was able to get in a morning run, I noticed my miles for the month are REALLY close to 200…so I decided to take advantage of another amazing afternoon and hit the trail! 

While I was able to get 199 miles in Jan, which is GREAT, I really wanted to get that last mile in…a nice round 200! I didn’t get out and get the extra mile…it will happen in the morning. Don’t fret!

One move thing that I am starting today is a squat challenge with the “2017 in 2017” challenge! They are doing monthly challenges and there is a Get Your Butt In Gear challenge for February 🙂 I will be doing sets of regular squats, hip bridges, plié squats, and single leg squats each day!

Wednesday- I have become quite the gym rat…but I still enjoy getting outside to run – especially when I have a partner in crime willing to get out too! 

Thursday- I was not a friend of my alarm this morning…I have been good (lately) about not snoozing my alarm and just getting up and around – until this morning. I partially blame it on the fact that I set 15 minute alarms rather than the usual 5, 10, 15, etc alarm times… Oh well, I guess I needed that extra hour of interrupted sleep. 

It’s Groundhog Day!! With my “2017 miles in 2017” challenge group, a virtual event was created starting today – whatever miles you run/walk/hike on February 2nd, you have to complete at least that many miles thru the 5th!!

Friday- Not every workout is perfect, but I felt like I pushed myself well today! Minus the headphones, that would have made the time pass a little easier, I was able to keep my cadence high on my running intervals (which is a mini goal for this year)…I was happy with how it went!

Saturday- Weekend morning runs are the best…somehow, I left later than I wanted, then realized I forgot my Run Gum – so I headed back, got my gum, and headed to the meet up! I didn’t expect to arrive on time…but I did! 

Sunday- While I didn’t get out early, I saved my energy for a warmer afternoon trail run!

Weekly Miles : 55 miles

235 / 2,017 miles in 2017


Next Week’s Projected Workouts

While next week isn’t going to change in workout routine, I am hoping to be able to get outside a little more! The hubs is going out of town and morning runs are not in the cards… 

By the weekend, my long run should shape up with some fairly nice temps – which will make me want to run more (or at least most of the time the weather is warmer, this happens!)

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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10 thoughts on “winter 26.2 training w5 | Weekly Workouts

  1. wow, 199 miles? The most I’ve ever run in a month was 169, and that was in October…right before my taper for the marathon. Good job! I’m glad to see you have a lot of cross-training and rest days int he mix 😉


  2. Wow! That is some amazing January miles, Congratulations!! Thanks for linking up at Sunday Fitness & Food:-)


  3. Holy cow! 199 miles? That is very impressive. Happy Birthday to the little guy (a little late). I have never tried Run Gum. I’m curious what is in it since you said it helped you to perk up. I’m glad you felt better as the week went on. Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


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