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While we are expecting six more weeks of winter, this week, ErikaMarcia, and Patty are discussing winter scenes from my run…so let’s dive in!

Winter scenes from my run

This winter has been an interesting one!

While most of the season has been cold, we haven’t had a whole lot of snow and ice (**knock on wood**).

There are a few typical runs that I have made routine this winter – (1) super layers zero-dark-thirty, (2) cold or warm lunch trail ventures, and (3) hiding at the gym…

zero dark thirty runs

My common running time is in the EARLY morning. Whether solo or with a buddy, I am generally running around town!

The most times you will see me out are between 5:30-7 am… On the weekend, mostly Saturday, you will see me glowing between 4-4:30 am until around 7-8 am — all depending on the length of my run that week!

trail lunch runs

The runs that I enjoy the most are my lunch trail runs!!

Whether on the linear trail or the parks, running on anything other than concrete is a welcomed site!!

Washington Marlatt Park – beautiful day for a long run!!

Somehow, I have been able to wear shorts several times this winter!! The Kansas weather is true this year as ever – if you don’t like today’s weather, wait a day, it will be very different tomorrow!!

Welcome to this week!! 70 on Friday – yes please!!


We have received a little bit of snow this year…but mostly just precipitation that freezes overnight… I invested in a pair of Yak-Trax to help with traction and have had to use them a couple times. Good thing the trail isn’t necessarily any of those times 🙂


Most of the winter has just needed layers on layers to stay warm…


…but now that we are moving closer to spring, the layers are starting to come off!!




hiding at the gym

There is no need to elaborate further on me standing on a treadmill 🙂 Ha!! There are a few reasons I head to the gym – (1) the temps are too cold for me to WANT to run outside, (2) I don’t care to run in the dark, (3) I have an interval run scheduled, and (4) I have a lot of time to kill…

1 & 2 are just lame…in my mind. I am all about getting outside and enjoying the time I can be outside…but some days, I am just more excited to be able to run in shorts in a warmer climate 🙂

Through my gym workouts, I have found that running my interval runs on the treadmill is easier! Well…easier might not be the best term – but being on the treadmill, I don’t have the want/need to check my watch to check my pace. I just push the up arrow for a little while and see how it goes! Yeah, some days I have goals on the paces I would like to hit, so I check the paces on the treadmill screen…but most days, I keep a small towel over the numbers and flashing lights. Less visual distractions – the better!

Another reason you might find me a the gym is because (A) I actually woke up with my alarm, (B) I was able to get ready to run quickly, and (C) because A and B worked out well, I have a lot of time to kill on my morning run! While, yes – running outside for longer is just the same, I enjoy just setting the treadmill to a speed and just running to run. No time or distance goals, just time on my legs 🙂

Do you enjoy winter running?

Would you rather run on the road or trail?

Are you becoming a gym rat to stay out of the elements this winter?

Check out the link-up with ErikaMarcia, and Patty and see what everyone is talking about this week!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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2 thoughts on “winter scenes | Tuesdays On The Run

  1. I am a big fan of winter running when it isn’t windy. or way below zero. This winter has been a cold and snowy one, but I have had a few really awesome winter runs. This time of the year though I am ready to run in shorts and a tank and I haven’t done that since November… usually I get to at least once in January, but we have been way colder than normal (no global warming here!)


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