frozen yogurt + almond butter | WIAW


Just another day in the life! The best days start with a run and finish with family time 🙂 

[morning run] 8 miles – easy

I knew that I wanted to make-up a couple miles for this week this morning… If I went to the gym, I would have been ready to go quickly! Since I planned on meeting up with my running buddy, I dragged my feet a little too long… Oh well! We ran 5-5.5 miles together and I ran a little more before and after 🙂 I didn’t get my interval workout, but I can surely make it up with a lunch run this week!

[breakfast] IdealLean Strawberries n’Cream

I am never quite sure how many calories break my fast…but this shake is only 80 calories! I am more happy about taking in the 20 g protein after my run… While the Strawberries n’Cream is a little too sweet for my taste, I will make it through 🙂 


[morning snack] apple + almond butter

[lunch snack] Orange Leaf frozen yogurt + strawberries + candy AND 5-10 Smash Burger fried pickles 

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!! We decided to celebrate a “national day” once a month – and the one drawn for February is National Frozen Yogurt Day – TODAY!! 🙂 All of us carpooled to the local Orange Leaf for a frozen yogurt treat – and lunch! I decided not to eat my lunch quite yet, especially Smash Burger… I did snack on the ends of someone’s fried pickles…he was going to donate them to the crowd (or trash) anyway 🙂 Soooo good…


[afternoon snack] banana + almond butter

Simple. Good. Yes.

[evening walk] Little man and I decided on the way home that we were going to grab the pup and his “motorcycle” and go for a ride around the block 🙂 This is about all the distance he can go without me needing to push him most of the way 🙂 

With my hands-free Stunt Puppy leash, Pai could be crazy and I wasn’t all that phased… Overall, it was a great walk! The weather was warm-ish and everyone get a little more time outside before dark!

[dinner] mixed greens + roasted vegetables (broccoli + carrots + onion + brussels sprouts) + avocado

Since I made a decent sized pan of roasted vegetables this past weekend, I was able to reheat my leftovers, add 1/2 an avocado and 1 tbsp of hemp hearts 🙂 So good!

[evening snack] random snacking – Nuun water; crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly; hot tea; 1 hot wing that the hubs didn’t eat


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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