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This week was a little bit of a struggle to get through…started with a sick tummy, birthday boy, doctors appointments, busy work week, and not a lot of down time. The hubs looked at me the other night, while we were laying in bed at 8:30 pm and said something to the degree of “Look at us, aren’t we boring?!” Ha…I would always love to go to bed early than stay up late…but he would rather stay up and relax. Oh well…at least I talked him into being lazy with me…in a place where it didn’t matter if I fell asleep watching the TV 🙂 You can check out my Weekly Workouts and January Running from this past week – hopefully I can stay on track better next week… (yeah…like posting my weekend wrap closer to the start of the week and not Thursday) 🙂


A running start to the day is always the way to go – so starting the last day of the week with ha gym run is a must when it is COLD outside…

After working all day, I went to get little man from daycare. Ever since his birthday, he has been asking to go to the park when I pick him up. Today is not a good day for the park…

Good thing they made “play dough” at daycare…so we had some fun playing with that when we got home! Little man was all about making “snowmen” and faces and playing pretend with making food 🙂 I was just glad he was pretending to eat the dough and not ACTUALLY making things to eat, ha!!

I made up some dinner and started pre-hydrating for my run the next morning 🙂

Since I was trying to keep the TV off tonight, after the fun play dough time, little man decided to play with his cars…and yes, he has a lot of them!!


Lines of cars, all the time. 

Before long, it was bedtime for little man…and not long after that, for me as well!


Saturday = typical long run morning!

When I got home, I had around 10 seconds to start taking off the gross, sweat-wet clothes before little man was up and wanted out of his room… Sheesh! I helped him get up and get dressed…then I got changed. We were soon back downstairs and his infamous “What’s to eat?” question came up. I asked him a series of “would you like ____?” and finally he came up with all of the fruits that I came up with… Banana. Apple. Orange…and “juice” – 1/2 Nuun tab.


Since little man got up so early, we had to stick around the house for a bit before the Farmers Market opened for the day. 

To pass the time, we played with play dough, I made some coffee and Nuun water, and spinning tops. 

We got to the Farmers Market around 10 am and just walked around a little bit. I got slightly nervous when I didn’t see the Morning Light Kombucha table for a bit…but we eventually found it! Oh yeah!

The Farmers Market wasn’t a bust – because little man got his cookies (although a different kind than usual since she didn’t have any of the cream cheese sugar cookies made up), I got my ‘bucha, and I got the hubs his bacon 🙂 

I didn’t feel like heading home…so we went to Target! I didn’t NEED anything but a few household replenishment (soaps, etc.)…so we just walked around for a little bit!

Next stop, the local running store – Manhattan Running Co! They are having a HUGE sale on shoes, clothes, and gear – so I felt the NEED to stop by. I was able to find MY SHOES in the sale room for $59 – score!! Little man made friends with the stuffed dog featuring the stunt puppy leash…always! At least he didn’t try and walk the dog and have the manikin fall on himself – this is what usually happens!

On our way home, I stopped by a fast food joint and got little man some chicken nuggets, fries, apple slices, and milk for lunch…I am glad that I willed myself NOT to try any of his meal…this is SOOO hard sometimes!

Instead, once I got him down for a nap, I made myself a baked sweet potato with homemade bacon ranch chili and avocado 🙂 (my favorite meal for the time being – and maybe forever!!)


Before too long, the bombing at Ft. Riley woke little man up and he was not happy… I am not happy when it wakes him up or keeps him up at night…

Since we had the TV off all morning, I decided that it was okay for us to find something new to watch. While we vegged out, I snacked out (and little man did too!). 

Once daddy got home from work, it was time for us to head out to the movies! The KSU student union has movies that play on the weekend, and it happened to be a kid movie this week! – “Moana”. We met up with the cousins, extended cousins, and friends to watch!

We ended up sitting behind a railing and is the best place for a restless little kid! While little man and his cousin Tanner did great through the movie, they weren’t without some restless legs… Overall, a GREAT experience!

We headed home, since it was past EVERYONES bedtime… And then headed to bed! The hubs was out at the cousins house (wife and daughter at the movie with us – hubs and son stayed home with friends).

Good day! Good night!

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Sunday is just about the only day that I don’t generally get a morning run… I was up, I was awake, but I just didn’t want to get out…So I laid back down for another couple hours. 

When little man decided that he wanted to get up, I got him around and then we vegged out in our bed watching Finding Dory – new on Netflix!! I was in and out of sleep for 1/2 the movie – I find that if I sleep more than usual, I am a zombie for the day…and yes, this happened today.

Once the hubs had breakfast ready, we headed downstairs! Little man and I ate at the little table…and then we relaxed on the couch to finish the movie.

It doesn’t take long for little man to get bored watching TV, so he was up and playing with his cars!

Before long, it was nap time!! I put some vegetables in the oven to roast, got little man to clean up his cars, then down for a nap…and then I got to veg out – physically and foodie… 🙂

Again…little man was brutally woken up by the bombing at Ft. Riley…it scared him GOOD today 😦 

I was watching a movie on TV and relaxing, so I just held him for a little while. He was still tired and just relaxed for a little longer. The house shook a few times…the annoying nature of living close to a military base – good thing we don’t live much closer – sheesh!

Before too long, daddy came home from playing at the gun range and I was then able to get out for a run!


Once I got home, I talked with the hubs for a little bit, he headed out to watch the big football game at a restaurant/bar, and little man and I played the night away! There were cars and blocks everywhere! I got a request to “watch Rory”…so, since it was close to 7 pm, we headed upstairs, got ready for bed, got into our bed and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. Once the episode was over, little man was ready to go to bed…so off he went!

I stayed up a little longer, but then passed out mid-episode…

Another good day! Good night!

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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