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Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


But first…

…water?! Yeah, coffee hasn’t been on my mind very much in the past couple weeks. Some nice water hits the spot most days 🙂

crazy weather

As always, Mother Nature is always playing games with my head…and my running plans. Just when I am getting used to having cool mornings and warm afternoons…BAM! Freezing mornings and cold afternoons! 

While we are not NEW to the whole cold winter thing, I was really enjoying the warmer morning temps and warm, and sometimes hot, afternoons! 

running running running

When you get in the heat of marathon training and a 8-10 mile “long run” is on the schedule…do you get a little upset?? To some, that may be a welcome sight! To me, I just feel like…”Well, that doesn’t seem far enough!” #runnerprobs

Image result for running long meme

race schedule

Well, next week, I am going over my spring running schedule… But this is a little sneak peek! 

My current training is geared towards the Garmin Marathon in April. This will be the first time I am pacing a marathon and I don’t want to let the Smart Pacing team down! I have a few pacing/running half marathons before and after this event – basically keeping me busy through the spring! 

last spring half

My last spring half marathon is the Hospital Hill Run! 

I have run the different events of this weekend for the past several years – this might be my 4th year of the event! I started with the 5K, then would run the Re-Run challenge for a couple years, and I ran the half marathon as a Smart Pacer last year!

This year, I am running this even in BibRave Orange as a BibRave Pro ambassador! In doing so, I can either take this race nice and easy, taking in all the sights and sounds, pomp and circumstance 🙂 OR, I can really bump up my half marathon training after Garmin and really give those KC hills something to remember me by!!

I haven’t decided how the race will be run – but you can join me!! At registration, use the discount code “BIBRAVE” for 10% off most of the events that weekend!!

Will I see you in the crowd in June?!


Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Hospital Hill Run
as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about
becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador),
and check out to review
find and write race reviews!

fall marathon

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I signed up for my fall marathon – the Kansas City Marathon!! 

My first KCM was 2 years ago and I ran the half marathon – and set my current PR! 

Last year, I was able to help many other runners meet their goals in the half marathon as a Smart Pacer. As a part of the Smart Pacing team, I am able to help runners exceed their expectations and conceive their energy throughout the race to finish strong!

This year, I am taking on the hills of KC with a new challenge and team! I will be running the full Kansas City Marathon in bright orange as a BibRave Pro ambassador! I would love you, my friends-family-blog family/friends to join me in the journey!

When you register to run the KCM, use the code “BIBRAVE17” at checkout, and you can save 15% on your race registration! This is not just valid for the marathon, but any distance offered during the event!


Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Kansas City Marathon
as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about
becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador),
and check out to review
find and write race reviews!

Run Gum

If you have seen me at the gym or at work, you may have noticed a little red, blue, or yellow package on my treadmill or desk 🙂

Run Gum is an awesome little gum that gives you a boost of caffeine + taurine + B-vitamins! The added energy helps me in the tough interval workouts as well as the 3pm slump. 

What to try your own? Use this link to get $5 off your first order! There is an awesome multi-pack to try all the flavors, but trust me…you will want full boxes of them all 🙂 

weekend dilema

I have run into a real issue with weekends…

I really enjoy taking little man out and about and giving him some fun things to see and do! Most of the time these events are close to home and our usual nap schedule isn’t affected… Other times, I would MUCH rather just stay home and do things around the house…which leaves little man at his table coloring, playing with playdough, painting, playing with cars, or sitting around watching a movie (his favorite). 

No matter the weekend, I find myself falling behind with meal prepping lunches for the week, laming the always growing laundry pile, and just wanting to lazy around with the kiddo…

Soooo…whether we are out of the house all day or home all day, adulting is hard…and I just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch Zootopia for the 583th time 😦

Image result for adulting is hard

movie night

…Speaking of movies! Once every 4-6 weeks or so (sometimes if we are that lucky), the Kansas State Union has a kids movie on their weekend list! This weekend, the movie is “Sing!” The hubs and I almost bought it a while back (instead, we bought “Pets” which has been watched 593 times).

These movies are GREAT because it is $3 for me, $2 for little man, and you can bring in your own food, snacks, beverages, etc! Cheap movie night, yes, please! I just hope the hubs will come as well 🙂

Image result for sing the movie

5 day clean eating challenge

Well, from what you may have already read, I completed a 5-day clean eating challenge last week! Even though the calories were quite restricted (set meals, set snacks, no frills), I still had a lot of energy and was able to power through my workouts! 

I just wish that for the weekend and following week, I could then have a “5-day back to real life” group…one that helps me get back into the swing of better eating and such. 

Not that my eating is all that bad to begin with, but I had little control when coworkers brought Girl Scout cookies in early in the week, we had a BIG FAT TUESDAY meal day (ate way too much and felt quite yucky for a day)…

I know my tendencies towards food…and unless I am on a “plan” of some kind, I can stray (and stray HARD) when it comes to my eating habits. I am positive that there is some mental stitch that happens when I have lists and dos and don’ts…but I just wish that “real life” would be a “plan” that I could get my mind wrapped around. Someday. Someday.

Image result for eating all of the things

sad morning…

So, I jumped online this morning to see that a local hub burned down 😦

The Dusty Bookshelf is a cute little bookstore in Aggieville. They are in the process of remodeling…but now there is no remodeling to be done. From what I have read, the fire made the structure a total loss. I am not sure how the fire/smoke/etc. has affected the surrounding businesses – Varsity Donuts and Threads – but I’m sure there will be updates soon! 


…onward ho!

What are your plans this weekend?! 

I will be running…and being a little lazy (maybe). We have a movie date with family and friends to watch “Sing!” and other than that…I am not quite sure! The hubs may be brewing beer on Sunday…and I have a coworker that is going to help me take the hops out of our garden 🙂 Beer brewers unite! 🙂 

Are your spring and fall running events set?
Will I see you in KC in June or October? Let me know!! I would love to meet up 🙂
Does coffee help you adult a little better?

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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