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Spring Race Schedule | Tuesdays On The Run

This week, ErikaMarcia, and Patty are discussing our spring race schedule…so let’s dive in!


Spring Races

This spring, I have a good mix of racing events and pacing events! I really enjoy pacing local events because the Smart Pacing strategy just makes the most sense 🙂 Start a little slower than goal pace, warm up your body, take into account the terrain/weather/etc., and have a great time! I generally pace the 2:40 to 3 hour groups because then I can talk everyone’s ear off and still be able to run 🙂

Wicked Half Marathon Medal 2017March 25th – Wicked Half Marathon – Wamego, KS

The Wicked races have been a local event for a little while now!

The race offers a full marathon, half marathon, 5K and NEW this year, a virtual race option! Now you can earn your OZ themed medal from anywhere 🙂

I will be earning mine in person…as a part of a 18 mile training run. Yeesh! Would you run the extra miles before or after the race? Let me know in the comments!!

April 8th – Rock The Parkway – KC, MO

I have only experienced the Rock the Parkway course as a 5K participant – but this year, I will be pacing the 2:40 finishing time! This is an iconic KC race is the largest in the area – there is a lot to see and hear along the course! 


Go! St. LouisApril 9th – GO! St. Louis Half Marathon – St. Louis, MO

To make this weekend a little more fun, let’s throw in another race! 

There is a group of 7-8 runners that are running Rock the Parkway on Saturday, cleaning up, and hitting the road to STL for the GO! St. Louis races on Sunday! While there is a marathon option, I am running the half. With several more races this spring, I thought this would be the best idea 🙂

April 22nd – Garmin Marathon – Olathe, KS

My current training plan is aligned with this race – the Garmin Marathon. While I am not “running/racing” this event, this is my first shot at pacing the marathon distance as a Smart Pacer for the 5:30 finishers! I am equally excited as nervous – this was my first marathon and it didn’t go well for me! I have learned a lot over the past 2 seasons as a Smart Pacer, and I hope that it comes through bigtime!

I know several runners that will be at this race this year, and a couple that will be running the full with me as their first! Talk about pressure 🙂

May 7th – Lincoln Half Marathon – Lincoln, NE

I was able to pace the Lincoln Half Marathon last year – and I will be pacing it again this year! I am hoping that the weather will e a bit nicer – but I’ll take what I can get! I will be running with the 2:55 finishers this year!


May 20th – Bill Snyder Highway Half – Manhattan, KS

This race always holds a special place in my heart – this was my first half marathon, ever! This race is in it’s third year, and it gets better every year! The first year, when I finished, they were out of fruit/bars and I got a water with my medal. Last year, they added Smart Pacers to the course and the finishers were welcomed with loads to snack on!

east side stadium

This year, there are more changes to the course with a surprise finish…if the logistics are all worked out 🙂 I will be running with the 2:45 finishers this year – so come and find me!!

June 3rd – Hospital Hill Half Marathon – KC, MO

The Hospital Hill races are my last ones for the spring! This will be the first race I will be running as a BibRave Pro 🙂 Want to run along with me?? Use toe code “BIBRAVE” at checkout for 10% off your registration – beat the next price increase to save the most!!

Big Training Race

September 9th – The Hawk – 100m | 50m | 26.2m – Lawrence, KS15241913_664662377028109_731382254039570002_n

Wow, oh wow! This is “the big race” for this year!! Not saying I won’t have any this fall…but I just haven’t planned that far yet!! 

This race will be my first 50M distance attempt – and it is going to be good! The weekend of the event is my birthday – so there is the possibility that I will finish it ON my birthday…sheesh!! 

A-B-C goal – FINISH on my own 2 feet!!

Fall Planning – starting early!!

While I haven’t REALLY thought about my fall schedule yet, I have a couple races already lined up! In addition, I will probably be pacing a couple half marathons…and maybe more 🙂 (never know!!)

October 15th – Rock And Roll St. Louis – St. Louis, MO

I always enjoy running at least one HUGE race – and the RnR Marathon Series races do not disappoint! Lots of people, lots of music, cheering fans, great finishers area, and headlining bands to boot – these races have a lot to offer!


I will be running in my BibRave Pro Orange this year! Will I see you on the course?? If you are wanting to run #RNRSTL and haven’t registered yet, use the promo code “BIBRAVE15” for $15 off your registration! 

October 21st – Kansas City Marathon – KC, MO


The KC Marathon is another great KC race! If you have ever run Hospital Hill, it runs some of the same streets, but backwards 🙂 Instead of conquering Trinity Hill with 12 miles on your legs, you start off with the challenge in mile 3-4!! 

Ready to take on the challenge with me?! Use the discount code “BIBRAVE17” for 15% off your registration online!

Have you ever worked with pacers?

How many “big races” do you plan a year?

What is your goal race this year?

Check out the link-up with ErikaMarcia, and Patty and see what everyone is talking about this week!  I am also linking up with Annmarie, Jen, & Nicole for Wild Workout Wednesday 🙂 Check out the Coaches Corner linkup with Suz, Rachel, Debbie, & Lora!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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13 thoughts on “Spring Race Schedule | Tuesdays On The Run

  1. Wow you’ve got a full season on tap! Look at you pacing all those races! I ran RnRSTL last year and it was a fun (humid) weekend. I ran with pacers the first time I BQ’d. Actually they pulled ahead of me in the final miles and I got in about 30 secs behind them but still it was all good!


    1. I hear ya! I have run with a pace group before…or rather, right ahead of one. It helped me keep my pace for more than 1/2 the race, but I flaked at the end. I find that the successful runners that run with me are realistic about their goal time when they choose me as their group…if you aren’t prepared for the pace I am running, it doesn’t turn out well…


  2. You’ve got a great race schedule ahead of you! So cool that you are a pacer, what a great way to give back to the running community!

    I have gone running in KC but have never done a race there..hopefully someday!


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