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Runfessions & Coffee | April 2017

Good day everyone! This week held both the last Friday of March and the first Saturday of April – so this is a double-duty post!

Since it is the first Saturday morning of April, we are chatting with Coco & Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up! Yesterday was the monthly Runfessions link-up with Marcia today from Marcia’s Healthy Slice – so we are also discussing some runfessions for the past month!

Let’s chat!

Pick your poison! 


Little man are probably currently enjoying a drink (water for him, coffee for me) and donuts at a local shop! This routine is new for us the past handful of weeks…and it is a good way to get out of the house early in the day!

If we were having coffee, I would runfess…

I have been feeling like a fair-weather runner for a bit now… 

One of the issues is that we had AMAZING spring/summer warm weather for a few weeks…super early! Cool and sometimes warm mornings, warm and hot afternoons. Perfect running weather…

Then Mother Nature went crazy…

We have had so many freezing mornings, lots of rain, and less that amazing afternoons… I get it, spring is a funny season, but a little warmth would be nice!!

So now, when I am whomping out of the “cold”, I am at the gym. The treadmill and I are pals! Not many people enjoy the treadmill…but I’m okay with the change of scenery.

If we were sipping on some joe, I would runfess…

I almost, ALMOST (not…) fell for this post on Friday…

I runfess…

I get MAJOR race envy.

I have a lot of events I am running and pacing this spring (and each year really)…but if I weren’t pacing, there are several other events I would want to be running!

This spring worked out in such a way that I am running/pacing a race every other weekend… it also just so happens that the off weekends have races that I would have LOVED to run! This weekend it was the Rocking K 50k or Brew to Brew…in the coming weeks, the races are the Flint Hills 50k & Trail Marathon, the Heartland 50k & 50m, and Running with the Cows.

I may have an obsession…

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If we were sipping on some joe…

Have you spent ANY time at all watching April the giraffe wander around?

Me neither… Ha!

I watched for a couple hours like a month ago…and the people of FB ruined it for me. Is she having an egg? She already had it, I saw it. She isn’t even pregnant… I read it all.

I secretly hoped she would have her calf today…oh well! I did laugh a little when one reporter called the calf a “child”…a baby? Yes. A child? No.

If we were chatting over drinks, I would runfess…

I need new running shoes. 

I would rather start looking more at trail shoes…but running stores never carry my side and I am. It made of money and can order XX number of shoes with the intension of returning them… I need a “big and tall” store equivelant for shoes.

If we were chatting over drinks, I would runfess…

I have been missing several morning runs and not getting in my workouts. I blame the daylight savings…but I think caffeine is also to blame. Coffee or caffeinated beverages after noon are now suspended to see if I am able to get a more restful night sleep…

Hopefully with this tweak, I will not feel so tired when the alarm goes off!

I’m linking with Marcia today from Marcia’s Healthy Slice. Stop by and join in the Runfession fun! I’m also linking with the Ultimate Coffee Date hostesses Coco and Deborah! Be sure to stop in for coffee on Saturday and chat with everyone.

Questions? Questions?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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6 thoughts on “Runfessions & Coffee | April 2017

  1. I hear you on the race FOMO. I haven’t done one single race yet this year. I was ok with it for along time. But now with Shamrock Shuffle today? Kind of wish I’d pulled the trigger. Our weather has been horse dung as well.


  2. FOMO is a terrible thing but you can only be in so many places at one time! 🙂 I think we went straight to summer 90+ degrees the last couple of days! Mother N needs hormone therapy or something!


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