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running + library | Double Weekend Happenings

It seems like the slower weekends are easy to forget to take pictures…and also then forget to post. This happens on the busier weeks too… Weird… Since this is a double dose, I will try and keep it short! Enjoy!

weekend 1 : running 


Morning run, check!

Work all day…then we headed to Wamego for my pre-race dinner and packet pick up. We already picked up our packet in town the day before, but we were looking forward to some pasta for dinner! Little man snacked on a cookie from our snack day at work on the way…

The packet pick up and pasta dinner was held at the senior center. There was good food and many people sitting or wandering around. Little man enjoyed the “house picture” that they had hanging in the space, so we good a few pictures before heading home.

When we got home, it was bed time for all of us!


An early start to the day, but not as early as I planned. My training plan called for roughly 18 miles – 13 easy paced, then 5 faster or marathon race pace. Since it was raining all night and most of the day, I decided not to run my first 5 before the race and just jog the 1 mile to the start. I would figure out the rest of the miles after the race.

I stopped by the packet pick-up area – mostly because it was a tent and I could stay out of the cold. Before long, it was time to line up and run my first timed 13.1 of the year!

The course was nice, the aid stations were okay, the turnaround point was awesome, and I ran the race without taking a glance at my Garmin. I was running without any thought on the time – mostly just the effort. I’d say I was running mid-moderate effort – but my Garmin shows a little differently. I don’t think my watch was tight on my wrist because it said that my HR didn’t go much over 140 – which could be partially true since it was so cold and rainy… Oh well.

Once the race was over, I headed back to the tent to get my drop bag, find the bus to get back to my car, changed my top layers in my car, and headed to the gym. I called to check on little man and the grandparents and they were heading out of town for a couple hours. Fine by me…I still needed to get in a few more miles for the day.

I hopped on the treadmill in new, dry, clean clothes to get in some easy miles – since my race was run a little faster than I anticipated. 

After the gym, I drove by and picked up some coffee…just what I needed to warm up and caffeine up!

When I arrived home, the family was all hanging out. The plans quickly changed as they were heading out of town and they decided to stay after all. Little man was down fora nap, but only for a few minutes when I came home. So he was pouting for me to come give him hugs and kisses and I convinced him to take a nap.

While he was down, the grandparents talked with me for a little bit and then left to meet up with family for lunch. I stuck around and caught up on a nap and some social media surfing…

A couple hours later, the grandparents came back and we talked for a little bit before little man was up and ready to play! We played for a little while before the grandparents needed to hit the road.

The evening was spent watching a movie and relaxing. 

Good day. Good night!


Much like other Sunday mornings, I didn’t start with a run. The rain was still falling, so I decided to wait. Little man woke up early and the hubs made us some biscuits and gravy. Yum!

The rest of the day was much less exciting. There were messes, messes made bigger..,and eventually they were cleaned up!

Toward the end of the day, when the hubs came home from spending the day out and about, I was finally able to get in 1 mile – keeping the streak alive!!

Back to the grind in the morning…

Good day. Good night!

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weekend 2 : running + library


Morning run, check!

Decent eats for the day, check!

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When my alarm went off this morning, it was a struggle… After a while, I got out of bed and got ready to run. I knew the weather was going to be wet today, but I wasn’t sure how early. When I checked my phone at approx. 4:30 am, the radar showed the storm within 30 miles around 5:20 am – this meant that I could get in a few miles before the weather was too close for comfort…and some of the lightening I saw made me tuck tail and head home fast!

So rather than “settle” for 5 miles, I waited out the storm and headed to the gym (which opens at 7 am on the weekend). I didn’t have a lot of time to in before needing to be home to see off the hubs for work…so I get done what I could.

Once I got home, little man was up and ready to get the weekend started! I knew of a morning event in town and we decided to go! One of the churches was hosting the Boy Scouts and they were serving all-you-can-eat pancakes! Once we got our fill and terrorized the area, we headed to the library!

Originally, the library wasn’t on our list, but I knew there was a lot of sugar in that syrup and little man would be going a little stir crazy at home.

Good thing we went to the library when we did, because there was a Family Fun Storytime set up at 11 am! I didn’t know about this reading until this weekend or we would have gone more often before now! Little man was nervous about all the people and wanted me to dance with him…but I insisted that HE danced! 

So fun! After the reading, dancing, singing, interactive storytime, we headed into the children’s area to read and play a little more.

I think I was successful in wearing him out some because he looked like a zombie when we were driving home, ha! Of course, we stopped by the grocery store on our way home…and that helped keep his mind busy…

We both settled into a nap when we got home…

After a few hours, we were up and making messes all over again.

I decided to break out my Epsom Salt again and let my feet soak for a little while…I have been piling on some miles lately and the soak is good for my feet and senses (lavender…yes!!).

The day went on and bedtime was upon us before we knew it. Little man decided that he wanted me to be his pillow – and while I was tired and wanted to get to bed, I need to savor these moments. They aren’t going to happen forever and he is only sweet little This once in a while anymore…

Good day. Good night!


Another non-running Sunday morning…I am feeling like a fair-weather runner these days, more like a picky runner that really would rather not run I the rain…

Little man and I started making breakfast and playing cars.

He is sure food at taste testing…

Between eating and cleaning up the house, we played cars across the livingroom. He has a couple small trucks that propelled themselves of you pull them back, so we went back and forth across the living room door for quite a while…he enjoyed it!

When the hubs came home, I put little man down for a nap, finished up my “projects” (dishes, laundry, the usual suspects) and then got ready to run!

Once I got home, but guys were still napping (rough life) and I relaxed for a bit… The hubs had plans and left soon after – and little man and I had some leftovers for dinner.

We settled into a movie and since we bought some ice cream, little man had some while I indulged on some homemade banana ice cream 🙂 Yum!

After the movie, I was a human pillow again for a bit and then off to bed we went!

Good day. Good night!

How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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