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five features of UV Buff Arm Sleeves | Review

Disclaimer: I received these UV BUFF® USA Arm Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a runner, I am all about multi-use gear. If I can use the same gear throughout the year, day or night, I am a happy camper!

BUFF® USA is well-known for great multi-functional head wear. When I got the opportunity to try their new UV Arm Sleeves, I jumped at the chance to try something new!


Now that I have been testing these sleeves for several weeks, I am focusing my post today on all the great perks of these arm sleeves!

UV Buff Arm Sleeves | Review

1 Bright Colors & Reflective Accents

I am TOTALLY a sucker for bright clothing – especially for my running gear. If my clothes are bright, I feel like there is more of a chance that someone is going to see me!

Since wearing my sleeves out on runs, a couple of my local friends have asked if I got new arm sleeves : ) Ha! They know me well! I love the bright orange and pinks of the Akira color – and it adds some extra color to my more monotone gear days.


Another great feature is the reflective elements strategically placed on the bicep and wrist. I mostly run in low-light conditions (pre-dawn and mornings) and reflective gear is a must. The placements of the reflective elements are great for cars or other runners to recognize my movement as an incoming runner. 


2 UV Coverage

These arm sleeves provide UPF 40+ protection! What does that mean to you?

UPF is the ultimate measure of sun protection of clothing. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Simply put, a fabric’s UPF is measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates the fabric and reaches your skin.


Since the fabric of the BUFF® USA UV Arm Sleeves is rated UPF 40+, this means that only 1/40th of the sun’s UV rays pass through the fabric. This protection is very important when running at all times of the day – morning, mid-day, evening – UV protection is always necessary! 

While sunscreens rub and wash off, these sleeves stay in place throughout my run! The slightly smaller elastic upper arm and little silicone grips at the top of the sleeve help the sleeves stay in place through my tough workouts. 


3 Cool Dry in the Heat

While I was a little nervous to test these arm sleeves in the on-coming heat of the summer, they have really been great! The breathable polyester/spandex blend wicks away moisture while blocking those harmful UV rays. 

When the sleeves get wet from either sweat or water, the oncoming breeze instantly starts cooling my arms. I have yet to need to pack them with ice, but I could see this as being quite helpful in my summer 50m training runs and September event!

4 Warm in the Cold

On the opposite side, I have also worn these sleeves in the cooler morning temps rather than wearing a long sleeve tee. The sleeves are great for keeping the chill off my arms. The moisture wicking properties also work great to keep the excess moisture away as well.


5 Extra Details

The great construction elements of these sleeves add to the comfort and ease of use for sure! The four-way stretch sleeves have enough stretch to stay up and provide light compression. 

The fabric has antimicrobial properties to help control odors and the flat-lock seams help eliminate chafing.

The sleeves are a small, light addition to my gear – and can be easily packed away in my running belt or stashed in my bra when I don’t care to wear them any longer. 


I am really loving the versatility of these arm sleeves! I look forward to seeing how they help me in my summer 50m training and next winter for sure!

BUFF® USA will be sponsoring the weekly #Bibchat on Tuesday, June 6th at 8pm CST on Twitter. You could win a set of UV BUFF® USA Arm Sleeves for chatting! You can also check out BUFF® USA on Facebook and Instagram!

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Disclaimer: I received these UV BUFF® USA Arm Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

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  1. I don’t own a pair of sleeves, but I think they are totally cute! I really love that not only are they reflective, but that they are UV protective as well! Nice!


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