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hawk fifty mile training | w6


This week started on track – but then a couple kid-less days and a busy Saturday made me want to adjust my days this week… I know I need an additional day off between Monday and Sunday but it is hard to WANT not to run.

Lower miles help keep my mind and body busy : )

Weekly Workouts

Monday- I planned on going for a walk with little man, but the heat was relentless… The hubs came home and we just hung out. Once I put little man to bed, I realized that I still needed my #streakingwiththeCOOLkids mile…I thought about taking the pup out with me, but it was just too hot still (plus the ground was still HOT). 

Tuesday- A humid, steamy warm start to the day – I headed out on the back roads, which they are repaving soon…so I will need to stay away from them for a while. Since the road is blacktop, it is going to be HOT and stinky for a while… 

Wednesday- I could have NOT run sooooo easily this morning… My running buddy text me early that she didn’t want to get out in the heat, me neither! 

I decided that if it was too hot this morning, that I should head to the gym… But I really didn’t want to go to the gym! So I headed outside…into the warm, humid elements. I mean, come on!! 80 degrees before the sun comes up?! Yeah…it was warm.

Thursday- I packed my hydration pack and headed out on the trail. I planned on getting in my 18 mile long run for the week this morning, but a pre-scheduled coffee date and me not getting out of the house when I should have stopped me at 10 miles. I was WAY over packed for 10 miles, but it will help down the road!

At the coffee date, I mentioned that I needed to check the miles between out houses (or at least where I stay when I am in town) and her house in Spring Hill. “I should build one of my long runs to just run to your house and you can bring me back!” Well…with a couple twists and turns, I figured up 18 miles to her place – and this week’s long run is 18 miles!! So now I have my plan for tomorrow!

Friday- We are away from our routine, and since the weekend is going to be filled with traveling and family, I decided to get in my long run early this week!

I ran from my in-laws house to my parents house (mile 7) and then to my best friends house in Spring Hill – 18 miles total! I am sure glad I also brought a change of clothes…I was a mess!!

Saturday- After a busy day at the family reunion, little man and I went out for a mile before bed : ) He loves these rides!

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day!

I slept in from all the traveling we did on Saturday, but little man was up nice and early! So it was nice to turn on the TV for a little bit and catch a couple more zzzs. 

The hubs ran off to work for a couple hours, no fun,…so little man and I ventured out to get my 6 miles in for today. We ran to the store, 3 miles away, and then back! We didn’t need much, nothing perishable…so it worked out well!

Weekly Miles : 46 miles

1101 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Medal earned

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Bring on the miles!

My first 20 mile long run coming up…then there are many 20 mile to 50 kilometer long run days to come!! Oh boy…

Monday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Tuesday- 4 miles
Wednesday- 6 miles
Thursday- 8 miles
Friday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Saturday20 miles
Sunday- 10 miles

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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12 thoughts on “hawk fifty mile training | w6

  1. You got a lot of miles in this week! Great job! The heat and humidity is kicking my butt! It’s crazy how hot it already is at 7:00 in the morning! I’m impressed that you got so many mile done in the heat. Have a great week of running this week! 🙂


  2. My training came to a crashing halt a week ago when my knee had a sudden bursitis flare…a few days out from my marathon! My last week of taper was extreme…like NO running until race day LOL


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