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This week, the Tuesday’s On The Run gang is going through some of their Scenes On The Run. 

I typically only take pictures for my own sake, but this last weekends long run was a bit different. I ran a point-to-point route from my in-laws house to my best friends house 13 miles down the road! 

Since I cannot run on the highway and I wanted to pit-stop at my parents house, my planned run (and training plan miles) ended up being 18 miles!

Come run with me!


Scenes On My Run

Before I got started, I got all my gear set up. I filled my Nathan’s handheld and two SLS3 soft flasks with Tailwind – my new nutrition plan for my 50M training. I also brought a complete change of clothes so I didn’t sweat out my pals car on the ride back…because that is gross…

My shoes were fresh and ready to go thanks to my SmellWell packs (2nd review coming soon) – and my Oiselle hat needs a good bath…

Mile 0-1

Out the door around 5:30 am (a little late)!


Since I was staying on the sidewalks, I decided to leave my reflective vest at home. If I would have got out the door on time, I probably would have still wore it…

Mile 1-3

I made a mis-turn…at mile 2 and decided to hit one of the trails I came upon!


As I went around the corners, I figured up the amount of distance that I needed to make up from that wrong turn…so I decided to run around the park a little so I wouldn’t have to make up miles at the end.


Mile 3-6

As I headed out of the center of Olathe and headed out to my parents house!

When I was around mile 6, my back felt way more wet than just sweat…like dripping down my back and legs…oh no! Upon investigation, one of my new-ish soft-flask bottles had sprung a leak in the seam at the bottom of the bottle.WHAT?! 


This was the second or third time I used this bottle…so it made me a little worried since I JUST ordered/received 2 more of these flasks…


We’ll see what happens…

Mile 7

A mile later, I was at my parents house! I was a little worried that my dad may have forgot about my long run plans, but he didn’t! I had a cooler of water, ice, bananas, and an apple waiting for me : ) I passed off my eaten banana peel and empty, leaking flask – and I grabbed a couple bottles of water, 2 new bananas, and filled my Buffs with ice.

…and I was on my way! I ate the one, banana bread worthy banana first (and quickly) and then held onto my “good” banana for a little while until I needed to eat it.


Mile 7-9

Now that I was back on the road, I needed to run up Ridgeview Road – which had a sidewalk for a while, but quickly turned into a 2-lane road with no shoulder…

No fun.

The cars did not care that I was there and I turned off my Aftershokz headphones so I could jump off the road when cars were coming from both directions…


Mile 9-11

Once I got to 175th Street (my old street!!), a gravel shoulder appeared! Great! I would much rather run on gravel than concrete or blacktop…


The one bad part about the route that I choose was that I needed to cross over a major highway. At least this pass was over an area where there is a stoplight…but no crosswalk. 

One I crossed, I started the road to the area where the house I grew up in was. Yes,…was.

Mile 11-13

After my first year of college, my parents sold “the farm” and moved “in-town”. The only building left on the property is the old barn…which you can see below on the far left.


I get a little nostalgic when driving past the property…or running by it like today.

I headed south down Lone Elm and by some of the old stomping grounds… Growing up in this area, there are so many little things that would pop up in my memory bank from back in the day : )  There is a lot more development in the area, but there is also a lot that is still the same!

Mile 13-14

Once I got past the developments, I hit the gravel road! One of my goals was to run a couple miles of gravel roads – these can be hard to come by these days…but I knew that this gravel area was MOST LIKELY still around. Yes, it is!! 


Banana #3 for the day!!


Mile 14-16

Back to the concrete…but heading into town soon!! 


Mile 16-17

Heading past the local golf course and into Spring Hill! The hubs and I have wanted to hit up the new local brewery, and I found it!


…and then a familiar site! The old pool. The ball fields. The local Sonic drive-in. : )


Mile 17-18

Running past my old high school was a memory bank…but now the building is the middle school. Same colors, same mascot. Different school.

Only one more corner to turn to get to my best friends house!!

I was happy that I only needed to add 1/4 mile to the end of my route (1/8 mile out and 1/8 mile back). I was feeling good overall, but glad that it was over!


Jumping pictures are always so fun!


…until you have to land on the ground with 18 miles of pounding on them… Bahahaha!!


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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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