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Starting much like the rest, I woke up to take my medicine at 4 am (need an hour before any food or beverage choices) and I was out for my morning run around 5:20 am to meet up with my running pal Angie : ) 

While I was waiting on her, I played with my new colorful Knuckle Lights. Those little lights are so bright!

[workout] 4 slow, easy miles

We went out and back around the neighborhood and back roads. While I have been doing some loose HR training, I didn’t check my watch once…and my HR stayed in Zone 3 the entire time and didn’t get a second over that zone! Yeah…I was slow…but that didn’t matter! It was a sweaty sweatfest…

[breakfast] coffee + Vital Proteins + Picky Bar

Before I could clean up, I popped some cold coffee in the microwave so it would be warm upon my return. I have been adding 2 scoops of Vital Proteins to my morning brew, and I find that the Vital Proteins blend better with hot/warm beverages than cold…but that is just me! I also grabbed a Picky Bar from my sample box…so good!

I headed off to work, the usual.

The unusual part of my day happened when the hubs (off work today) text me asking if I thought he should go for a run. Wha?? Huh?? Did I read that right?? “If you want to! It’s hot…take water.” We then went back and forth deciding where he should run, when he should run, how he should run…how to recover, the gamut of running tidbits!

How exciting!

I kept myself busy the rest of the morning and didn’t get in a morning snack. But I did get my lunch in a smidge early…

[lunch] Luvo Bowl + romaine + avocado

Rather than eating JUST the Luvo meals, I find that some of the bowls and planted bowls make great salad toppers! I had the hubs buy some romaine at the store the other day – so I used it : ) I also added some more healthy fats with 1/2 a small avocado – yum!

I text with the hubs a little more… Yes, he did go for a run – two runs in fact! He is sore. He chaffed. He isn’t convinced he wants to keep running…but he is determined! I hope I have a new running buddy!

[afternoon snack] apple + sunflower butter + chia seeds + hemp hearts + grapes

After work, I headed out to pick up little man from daycare and head home for the evening. 

[dinner] chicken wrap 

The hubs was home from work today and made up some chicken on the grill for lunch – and dinner! Nothin fancy… We wrapped the chicken with sour cream, cheese, and avocado in a flour tortilla. It was goooood : ) 

After dinner, the hubs went to go hang out with the guys and little man watched a couple episodes of Little Einsteins : ) I stood in the kitchen and cut up some mangoes to dehydrate – my favorite! I plan to dehydrate another set tonight so I have a small stash to take on my run this weekend!

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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