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hawk fifty mile training | w10

Another one bites the dust!…literally. This week started out strong and then faded…hard. I haven’t run less miles than the training plan called for with ANY training plan I have completed…but this week ended up a little (or a lot) short. Oh well…time to think about next week!

Weekly Workouts

Monday- OFF 

As an “OFF” day, I always have the gumption to still do something productive! I had wanted to go to the gym and just sit in the sauna…”heat training” without actually running…or something like that. What did I do? I slept in : ) 

Since the day was so hot and little man was a mess in the evening, I ended up walking a mile around my bedroom…yeah, you read that right. Back and forth, step step step, all around the room…for a mile (or what my Garmin thought was a mile). I told the hubs about my walking adventure when he got home and he was thankful that it ended before he arrived : )

Tuesday- Holy hot morning… I halfway thought about going to the gym for my 4 morning miles, but I knew that I just needed to get used to it. So I headed outside…

The worst feeling in the world is sweat dripping from your elbows…when you are only a mile into your run. You know that it isn’t going to get ANY better…

Got it done!…and not looking forward to the rest of the week’s longer runs in similar heat and humidity… #sendmorewater

Wednesday- The heat is on… While yesterday’s high of 100 degrees “cooled down to” 80 degrees overnight, it was warm from the start. Holy sweating…

It felt like a slog…sloggy, slushy, sweaty miles. Around mile 4ish, everything started to feel better and there was a slight breeze which helped.

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Thursday- A winding road to the store : ) 

I had planned a hilly out-and-back, but when I was finishing up a load of laundry before heading out, I realized that I was out of dryer sheets! GASP!

I changed plans and headed out towards the store… Since the store is only 3 miles from home, I took the “long way” to the store (winding up and down a couple long streets) so I wouldn’t need to make up any extra distance on my way back home. I am sure there were several people questioning why I was running around with a box of dryer sheets… ha!

Friday- OFF

Well, today ended up totally off…no running, no cross training, no yoga,…not even a walk. As I laid in bed around 10 pm, I realized that I didn’t go for an intentional mile today! Well shoot…that steak ended fast… Oh well. Better luck next time!

Saturday- The group run split into two groups this morning – the road runners and the trail runners 🙂 Since I hadn’t run the trail (and I have a big trail race coming up), I choose that one! Off to the trails!

We planned on starting a little before sun-up, but since the trees are full, it was dark-dark on the trail. With my Knuckle Lights in hand and a few headlamps, we headed out! It wasn’t long until I ate trail – hard! I pushed through…mostly thinking that Killian was finishing his 100 miler with a dislocated shoulder – I could run with some trail kisses! I finished up the loop and headed home. I needed 4 more miles (which I planned on running before the loop – it just didn’t happen) and planned on finding a way to get them in later…but that didn’t happen…

Sunday- Since the trail out at Fancy Creek was more technical than the Konza trail, I decided to tackle it again today! I was late to the trail, which was good in daylight terms, but not in total time on the trail…

The first loop was all about clearing out the spider webs…we found a lot yesterday, so I knew the first lap would be slow moving. I also broke some tree limbs so I had less brush to avoid – especially with poison ivy all around! There is one particular area that REEKS of urine…and it is an area where turkey vultures are all roosting…lost of bird poop and large feathers all around the trail – and on my first lap,. I scared them all out of the trees! Those are some HUGE birds!I made it thought the first lap, the weather was still “cool-ish” in the shade, and I was unscathed!

I dropped my spider stick, filled up my bottles, made up an ice bandanna, put some ice in my hat and headed out for loop two! For 80% of the trail, the spiders stayed away – but there were a couple wooded areas where the spiders were quite upset that I came through and worked hard to set new webs for me to run through! Damn spiders… I started hearing gun shots through the second loop – I believe the shooting range at the park was open and everyone was out having a good time 🙂

Again, once I got to my car, I refilled my bottles, wiped off my body from the sweat pouring off, make a skirt and shirt change, reapplied my bug spray, refreshed my ice bandanna and hat, and set out for my third lap! After a couple miles, the hubs was asking how much longer I was going to be… Before my run, we agreed that if I was out running all morning, he was going to go out to watch the baseball game. The only problem was that since I started out later than I needed to, I was behind on time…I wasn’t going to be able to get in all the miles I needed before heading home… Well, that stinks! I need to find a way to be better about my time management skills!

Oh well. I kept moving through my last lap with somewhat ease…until NOTHING tripped me up and I tumbled to the trail. Literally, I looked back and there wasn’t anything that should have tripped me up! I guess I need to be better about picking up my feet… There was a little blood on my hand, but nothing like the spill from yesterday! I was soon at my car, changed my shirt, laid out towels on my seat, put some ice in my hat, and headed home.

Weekly Miles : 47 miles

1295 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

While my weekly workouts will be as planned this coming weekend, my long run weekend is going to be a touch different! I wanted to find a 50k that worked into my training for my 50m and this weekend held the closest race I could find – the Psycho Psummer at Wyco Lake. I will be running the 50k on Saturday and roughly 3-4 miles on Sunday to make up the total miles needed this weekend. Too bad it is going to be MISERABLY hot this weekend – and actually, we are in a heat advisory from Tuesday thru Saturday night! Bleh….no fun! 

Monday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Tuesday- 4 miles
Wednesday- 10 miles
Thursday- 8 miles
Friday- OFF (cross training or yoga)
Saturday24 miles — 50K run
Sunday- 10 miles — 3-4 miles

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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14 thoughts on “hawk fifty mile training | w10

  1. Great job running in that heat and humidity! Sorry to hear about your trail falls. Trail running is hard but thankfully I haven’t had any big falls, knock on wood. I’ve caught myself a couple of times though. Good luck and have fun on your 50k!


  2. Great job on your training! This high heat and humidity have really been brutal, but the hard work will pay off in the end. Hope you’re feeling better after your fall, that’s my biggest fear when trail running!


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