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Disclaimer: I received an Sweat X Sport to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

One time a while back, I got a newly washed shirt out of the dryer and got dressed for the day.

On the way to work, I started to smell a hint of sweat… While this is a little odd, it is not unexpected. I use my car to drive to and from running events and weekend long runs – the smell is bound to happen. I shrugged it off and went on with my morning.

Within a couple hours into the day, I smelled that sweat scent again… Again, I thought it was a little odd. Everything I was wearing at the time was freshly cleaned – I literally got dressed out of the dryer! I discovered that while my shirt was “cleaned”, which happened to be made of a “tech” fabric, the soap that I use in the washing machine isn’t made to get the junk out of this type of material.

I have sense found out that standard washing machine soap is made to clean the rough material of cotton and not the smooth material of polyester tech fabrics!

So…what can we do about this!


Enter Sweat X Sport.

I was given the opportunity to try Sweat X Sport as a BibRave Pro and I jumped at the chance to NOT be smelling the old sweat in my clean clothes.

Here’s how it went!

Sweat X Sport

Sweat X Sport isn’t like your everyday detergent. It is a detergent specifically formulated to suit your toughest smells and stains in your running and workout gear.

While Sweat X Sport is a cleaning solution for fitness and athletic gear (AKA technical fabrics), the NANOVASIVE™ technology in Sweat X Sport can be used on ALL TYPES OF FABRICS in any type of washing machine. 


Here are a few of my top reasons you should certainly try Sweat X Sport for all your workout gear (and more!) :

1 – odor removal

I am not good about cleaning my clothes with any haste…it can go up to a week or more before longer than I would like to discuss before I do some massive amounts of laundry. #momlife I am not good about doing small amounts of laundry more often and then I need to go on laundry benders…

Anyways, the SET IN sweat smells in my running gear can be pretty rank…and down right disgusting. I have started using the Odor Eliminator Spray and Sweat X Sport Detergent on my running gear and I haven’t had issue discussed at the beginning of the post… 


Leave the sweat on the field, not in your gear with Sweat X Sport!

2 – stain removal

While I don’t have a ton of “stains” on my running gear, there are always random stains on little man’s clothes. #alwaysfallingdown

Since I can use Sweat X Sport on ANY clothes, not just workout gear, I just toss little man’s freshly stained clothes in with my regular loads! 

3 – only 1-ounce at a time!

The first time I used Sweat X Sport, I was surprised that I only needed to use one cap-full.

Is that really it??


The concentrated formula of Sweat X Sport means that you only need a single 1-ounce cup per load! While I was tempted to put in a couple cap fulls, I refrained…

With a small-ish bottle of detergent and a small cap, the bottle-to-cap ratio seems appropriate.

Who needs those large detergent bottles and large caps (up to 6oz per cap!)?! You are using so much detergent each load! 

4 – save money

Hand-in-hand with the small cap size, 1-ounce of detergent per load – you are saving money!

The small (…to me, compared to the other detergent bottles we have in the house) 45oz bottle should last you 45 loads! 

5 – non-toxic, biodegradable, gentle on your skin?

Enough said! 

Final Thoughts

While I have been using Sweat X Sport for a short amount of time, I am going to be in the Sweat X community for a long time to come. I haven’t needed to smell myself to find where that random sweat smell is coming from…once my clothes are washed in the Sweat X Sport, the sweat and odor are gone! 

You should go check out the Sweat X Sport website and use the offer code “BibRave15” for 15% off your order. While you are at it, check them out on all of their social media channels : Facebook   Instagram   Twitter

Are you on Twitter?? If not, join today because we have a weekly #BibChat on Tuesday evenings – 8pm CT! Come join the conversation on January 9th to talk with BibRave and Sweat X Sport about all things running related (and possibly about those stinky digs!)!

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