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OZ Marathon w2 + the best in compression | training for 100M

Disclaimer: I received the SKINS DNAmic Compression to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

After my failed attempt at the Run Toto Run 50K a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how quickly I would be able to get back into my next training cycle. Frankly, I didn’t push myself to complete the scheduled training miles on the plan for the week after the race.  I was pleasantly surprised that my “active recovery week” after the race ended up with 35 miles! Not too shabby…

Do you know what I account a big portion of my positive post-race week of miles?

The amazing SKINS DNAmic Compression tights that I wore at the race and for the following week (whenever possible)! 

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Check out those dirty SKINS – keeping my legs stabilized through the mud and muck!

SKINS DNAmic Compression

Though extensive testing on real people, the team at SKINS has worked hard to make amazing compression gear that responds well to athletes in motion.

Say wha?

I’m an athlete! Who knew…

SKINS compression works to :

  • increase blood flow
  • increase muscle oxygenation
  • help stabilize your muscles throughout your activity (or non activity throughout the day)
  • the increase in circulation helps rid your muscles of metabolic waste

Out of the package, I was impressed with how soft the material felt and how stretchy they were!

While they looked a little small, there was ample stretch and and the dynamic gradient compression held my legs like a hug. I could move around easily (I did some squats and leg things to be sure I wouldn’t hulk out of them…) and the mesh accents are both STRONG and breathable! I love the mesh : )

Dynamic Gradient Compression
SKINS most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilizes active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time. (via SKINS website)

Based on the facts surrounding SKINS and their DNAmic compression, this would pose good reason why my legs felt so supported throughout the previous running event and then recovered well in the days following. I wore my SKINS compression tights whenever I could throughout the day and during the following week of recovery runsSKINS for the WIN!

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The only drawback I felt with the SKINS DNAmic compression was how thin they are. While we have had a yo-yo of temps lately, I can comfortably wear my SKINS compression in the above freezing temps – if it is much colder than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I need to layer up a bit!

A warm layer on top of my SKINS DNAmic compression on the trails – love those trails!

I look forward to using my SKINS DNAmic Compression through this spring when the temps are a little more reasonable in the morning. My training is going to pick up fast, and I can totally use the benefits of SKINS DNAmic Compression daily!

Check out SKINS on their social handles (and give them a follow!) to get the scoop on new products and daily motivation : Facebook    Twitter    Instagram

As a bonus – I can pass along a discount to anyone who would love to try SKINS! Use the discount code “20BIBRAVE” at checkout for a 20% discount on all non-reduced items at! They have some beautiful new prints for the ladies and more subtle colors for the men to amplify your workouts to the next level!

Loving the new colors for the ladies! Get them while they’re HOT!

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weekly workouts : week 2 (mar 5)

Scheduled : OFF
Actual : 5 miles

The start of a new week leads to some restless feelings – and legs. I didn’t run yesterday like I would have liked to…so I headed out into the gusty, windy day for a few trail miles. 

I have been working with HR training off and on…mostly on. But runs like today are ones that the HR training goes out the door. I set out for 1 mile warm up, 6x 3:2 (run hard 3 minutes, recover for 2 minutes) on the trails, and 1+ mile cool down. Adding these workouts once or so a week will help me with my speed and leg turnover. While the trails aren’t always the best place for intervals…I made it work 🙂

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 1.25 mile + 2 miles

I am not sure why my mornings are starting so slow these days…I really need to find a way to get up and GO! Anyway, I got around and packed my lunch run bag…

I headed out later than usual…and quickly realized that I was going to miss a short work meeting – so I headed back for the meeting – and then headed out for a couple more miles to finish out my lunch hour.

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 8 miles

My running buddy and I are on the same training plan – and she said she needed 8 miles, so we set out for 8 miles. I guess I was only supposed to get in 5… Oh well!

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 5 miles

While I though yesterday morning was the start of something good (morning running), I didn’t have the accountability to head out the door – my running buddy had a “ladies night out” thing and wasn’t sure she would be up for our morning jaunt.

So I packed my lunch bag, but I wasn’t planning on pushing hard for all 5 miles…just set out for at least 4 and came back with 5!

Scheduled : 2 miles
Actual : 1.5 miles + 3.5 miles

I went to the gym in the morning (finally!) but I was just a little too late to get my whole 2 miles in. Actually, I probably could have, but I walked or ran 0.25 mile and then did some bodyweight things – like squats – for 2 minutes between. Doing this, I was only able to get through 1 mile – and then RAN 0.5 mile before yoga started. Run + yoga to start Friday!

And since it was going to get into the 60s again today, I headed out for a lunch run! I didn’t push the pace and made some shortcuts so I didn’t run as far – but tacked on another few miles to finish the day!

Scheduled : 13 miles
Actual : 14 miles

I met up with the group run for a full 6+ mile loop – then the to/from added up to 14 miles. I had a happy little man waiting for me when I got home, so that was nice too! : )

Scheduled : 8 miles
Actual : OFF

Sunday’s are notoriously the worst for me! I know I NEED to get up and going for my long run on Saturday, but the Sunday run doesn’t always happen… Today was one of those days! I spent time cleaning up the house, waiting on the ailing hubs hand and foot, taking care of a little guy, and staying awake 🙂 I did get a small nap while the little guy was napping…and the kitchen stayed clean! 

Weekly Miles : 41 miles
Training Miles : 76 miles
Annual Miles : 423 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)

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Next Week’s Projected Workouts

With a couple weeks of lower distance long runs, we are back at it! Why is it that a “long run” that isn’t more than a half marathon feel not quite like a long run? The longer distance stuff is making my brain a little weird… 🙂 Not next week – one of two 20 milers to finish this training cycle!

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 8 miles
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday-2 miles
Saturday- 20 miles
Sunday- 5 miles

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
recap via @livinglovingrun & other #linkups! #bibchat #runchat

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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