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OZ Marathon w4 | training for 100M


This past week went relatively seamlessly… With the hubs in surgery on Tuesday and part of the weekend away from home, I was able to get in most of my runs without much issue!

This training cycle is filling the time between the Psycho Wyco 50K  20M and the big 100M training cycle starting in late April – my next race is the Garmin Marathon (OZ Marathon) and I will be pacing the 5:30 finishers!

weekly workouts : week 4 (mar 19)

Scheduled : OFF
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 3 stress relieving miles

While I would have liked to get in my run early, I opted to stay snuggled with the hubs before taking little man to daycare. As I posted about on Tuesday, the hubs had his gallbladder removed at the hospital today. I know he was feeling some nerves about the procedure…so I stuck around home as much as I could.

Once he was all set and heading into surgery, I needed to get away and breathe! There’s nothing like surgery to have me panic and need a run… So I went out for a few miles around the block. I didn’t want to be gone too long, but shaking out my legs and mind needed to happen!

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 6 miles + 3 lunch walking miles

After getting home later than expected and then staying up with the hubs for a bit, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep…but I had a running date. If I didn’t have one set, I would have totally phoned it in for a lunch run. 

Setting out, I knew that my buddy wanted to get in 8 miles…and as far as I know, we are using the same plan – and my plan only called for 5 today… Weird. Oh well. I propositioned her into cutting the route short so I wasn’t running too many more miles that I was scheduled for – and then she was able to complete a 1 mile out and back closer to home after I left her. It all worked out!

As for the rest of the day, it was beautiful! I didn’t bring a workout bag (on purpose) so I wouldn’t be too tempted to run again…but I did go for a nice afternoon walk. I was entranced by the smoke billowing in the clouds nearby, so I headed right for it…smart move, huh? Well, a park near little man’s daycare is made up of native prairie grasses and it needs to be burned each year – and today was the day! the winds are finally calm so the fire doesn’t get out of control. With a neighborhood right next to the park, this is very important. When they burn in the evening, we will sometimes stop and watch for a bit – quite mesmerizing!

Scheduled : 5 miles
Actual : 5 miles

I decided to make today my interval day. While it started to warm up fast, I was able to make it happen! The first 4 intervals were tough, but doable…and then #5 just made me want to walk…I didn’t, but I let my pace slip and just relaxed for that one. The last interval wasn’t quite line the first 4, but probably because my body had the extra rest on #5… Either way, it is done!

Scheduled : 2 miles
Actual : 2 miles

After a late night of watching basketball, I decided to forgo the alarms and go for a lunch run. Well, a long, busy work day kept me from getting out on a lunch run, but I was able to squeeze in a couple miles before picking up little man – we then walked to the park (where I parked my car) and played for a bit to end the day : )

Scheduled : 12 miles
Actual : 12 miles

Most long run days, I will run to the group run meet up and then run home…but since I “only need 12 miles” today, I planned on driving to the starting location and run 2 loops. The best laid plans…don’t always happen!

I did set my alarms in enough time to get out of the house in good time…but I just didn’t. I am not sure what happened, but I didn’t want to rush the first loop since I was running a little behind schedule. 

Instead, I decided to run to the start of the group run after all. I made a pit-stop at the store to get the hubs some band-aids and met up with the runners about 4+ miles into my trek. I ran with behind the group for the next 3.5 miles or so before I pulled away from the loop to make my own way home (they were aware I was breaking away at this point). Once home, I grabbed the pup for a mile loop around the block! A productive start to a busy day!

Scheduled : 8 miles
Actual : 8 miles

While I am an early riser, my MIL reminded me that I didn’t have anything PRESSING to do EARLY so I should just take it a little easier for my morning run. So I didn’t set an alarm and just slept until 7:45 am. At this point, I got dressed and ready for my 8-miler. I didn’t have a set route…but since I know the out-and-back distances around where my in-laws live, I did a few to make the miles happen.

Weekly Miles : 40 miles
Training Miles : 171 miles
Annual Miles : 518 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)


Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 8 miles
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday- 2 miles
Saturday- 20 miles
Sunday- 5 miles 

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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20 thoughts on “OZ Marathon w4 | training for 100M

  1. I’m glad you were able to slept in while at your in-law’s house. That always feels so nice on the weekend. I hope your husband is recovering well from his surgery. Nice week of training! Thanks for linking.

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  2. You had a great week of training! I hope your husband is recovering well. I’m training for the New Jersey Marathon and I’m looking forward to getting through these last few weeks!

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