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exploring the river trail | time to #livemorenow

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Summertime is a time for fun in the sun…but for this eight-to-five momma, I don’t always have the time or energy to keep moving after the workday is done. 

With the help of the #livemorenow initiative with BUFF®, little man and I are going to go on some fun adventures this summer! If you live in Kansas, you know that summer is here and it is time to explore.

With a full evening (and weekend!) of events on the calendar this past Friday, little man and I packed up our bug spray, BUFF® gear, and hit the trail for an evening stroll. We have walked this trail before, but he has not seen it since everything has greened up.


With my Brick BUFF® Pack Trek Cap (and little man’s hand-me-down Pack Run Cap), we headed to the Kansas River Trail to explore and disconnect.


This local river trail is one that I know well at roughly 4-5 miles per hour – I run it often over my lunch hour. Taking the time to slow down and explore this trail with little man will help us both enjoy and appreciate this section of trails a little more!


The boat dock is an area that I haven’t been down – there is no need on my runs.

But with little man in tow, we walked down and were able to see some fish up close, watch the tadpoles twirling around, and play at the water’s edge. Once in a while, there is a train that passes over the tracks – which little man would have lost his mind over! No train today, but he told me all about where the train tracks would go. He sure does love trains and his storytelling is so endearing!

While we were counting fish jumps in the river, he pointed out some large birds flying over the water.

It is so fun to see his mind grow everyday and to hear the things that he comes up with :

“The trees are blocking the sun and the animals.
I can’t see the sun or the animals because of the trees.”


O- The big tree fell down! Who knocked down the big tree?
Me- I don’t know…what do you think knocked it down?
O- Maybe the big wind did it…


While we explore, I can’t help but think about all of the creepy-crawly things on the trail. With a mild winter, I have heard that the bugs (ticks, mosquitoes, etc.) are going to be bad this summer. Covering our heads will surely help keep the bug out of our hair.

I also draw in a little comfort that while wearing our super breathable BUFF® caps, we are also protecting our heads from the sun with up to UPF 50 protection on the upper panel and UPF 40 on the side panels. While the evening sun isn’t as intense as mid-day, and the extra protection is great no matter the time or season.


This relaxing walk was the perfect way to wind down from the day and start the summer off making memories outside.


Exploring this summer is going to be so much fun! With a little help from BUFF® products, we are going to explore in style! Where to next little man?

What can you do to #livemorenow?

Do you have a local favorite trail you can share with a friend or loved one?

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