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second look at a new watch on the block | product review | COROS™ PACE

Disclaimer: I received COROS™ PACE to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

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As a BibRave Pro, I was given the opportunity to test out the COROS™ PACE Multisport Watch and have been testing it for the past couple of weeks! Let’s dive in!


COROS™ PACE Features

The COROS™ PACE is built to track performance metrics for indoor swimming, open-water swimming, outdoor cycling, indoor running, and outdoor running. 

There are so many features, settings, and data to look into with the COROS™ PACE, but I will just go over a couple of my favorite features.

Before opening the box, I set up the COROS app on my iPhone. The download was quick and simple. There looks to be a good amount of data that this app contains once my watch is paired – so exciting!

Out Of The Box

At first glance, the boxing and packaging of the COROS™ PACE is impressive! The sturdy boxing makes the watch feel safe and protected from any potential issues in the shipping process.


Once out of the box[es], the COROS™ PACE is super light and the wristband is nice and wide with plenty of holes for most people’s wrist width. The watch face is large and the data is bold and easy to read.


Workout Data

Once the watch is turned on, I started setting up the workout data from the app on my phone. I like that I don’t have to fuss with the buttons on the watch to set up the screens I want – the app makes this process easy. My only con is that even though I changed the tracking distance to miles, the configuration of the watch info is still in kilometers. Not a big deal…just a knit-pick detail.


Workout settings on the COROS™ PACE

One more thing to update on the watch [before your first run] is the actual settings of the workout. There are many settings that you can turn on/off before your workout – and I would suggest that you update your auto lap [if this is something you use] from 1 kilometer to 1 mile.

True story : This was something I lapsed to do on my first run and I couldn’t quite figure out when it was lapping me… I quickly figured it out once the run was synced to the app.

I don’t typically use the pause, lock, and alerts – so I didn’t test them thoroughly. I did turn on the auto scroll to a 2 second timing so I could check all of my workout screens relatively quickly [without fidgeting with buttons] while on the run – this worked great!

Everyday Use


While the COROS™ PACE is a multi-sport watch, there is a lot of “everyday” data that can be helpful to note.

The information varies from a daily step count, time, date, day of the week, calories burned, and exercise time on the main screen to heart rate, barometer, elevation, and compass on the other frames.

I can see how some of this could be helpful in different circumstances – but my COROS™ PACE stays on the main [time, date, steps] screen 95% of the time.

Overall Experience

The biggest perk of the COROS™ PACE is the long lasting battery! The battery is said to last 30 days in standard mode and up to 25 hours in GPS mode. While I won’t ever be able to substantiate the 30 days in standard mode [hello…always running!], but I was able to get over 2 weeks of charge; 27+ hours of running and the rest of the hours in “standard” mode.


Finally, I have really enjoyed the information the app provides after the COROS™ PACE syncs up with the COROS app. Here are 3 different runs to compare the data – while the mileage isn’t all that different, the time is! The first run is the Bill Snyder Highway Half from a couple weeks ago [steady pacing] and the second is my trail run last Sunday. Those trails are worth slowing down and taking in the sights…

Upcoming Features

The COROS™ PACE is a brand new multi-sport watch – released to the public on 5/15/18. The team at Coros is striving to make the PACE better with each update. Upcoming updates will include ANT+ and BLE accessories connections, interval training, power meter compatibility, and additional training app support [MapMyRide, TrainingPeaks, MapMyRun, etc.].

The COROS™ PACE is now available and you should be sure to follow on along social media to see how the COROS™ PACE holds up to the many miles my family has to run and cycle this summer! 


Check out COROS on their social handles for motivating clips and images, fun promotions and to get the first look at the new PACEInstagram    Facebook    Twitter

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    1. I believe there are new watch faces in the phone app you can add and then they become active on your watch when you sync. There is a video on the Coros webpage (Coros, Support, FAQs, Pace, How To Videos) on how to change your watch face 👍🏻


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