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my HHR through the years | Hospital Hill Run 2018

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It’s Hospital Hill race week! This will be my 5th year running the Hospital Hill races – let’s take a look down memory lane ♥


year 1 – 2014

My first year of running the Hospital Hill races was merely 4 months after giving birth to my little man – yeah, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into!

With only a couple months of running [if that], I joined my buddy Jeannie to take on the first year of the ReRun – 2 races and 3 medals, yes please! We ran the 5K together and she missed the 10K due to the rain.

Through the challenges, I was able to make it through the course – clearly wearing the same outfit on both days…ha! The biggest issue was what happened after the race – my legs were shot. I could barely walk – and had deep fears that I would never be normal again.


After taking 5-6 months away from running, I was able to run again…and a slow build up allowed me to take back my fitness and lose nearly 100 pounds from my heaviest weight.

year 2 – 2015

The following year, I ran the HHR ReRun again – and killed it this time [rather than the race killing me]. The 5K and 10K were tough, but I enjoyed the race since I was able to actually train for the hills.


** Mental note : don’t wear “sweaty pants” or it will look like you peed your pants and hte sweat finds all the seams…

year 3 – 2016

Early in 2015, I ran my first half marathon – and my second, third, and fourth! Then 2016 was the year of my first full marathon and the year of pacing events. 

I was given the opportunity to pace the HHR half marathon and this was my last pacing event of the spring 2016 season. This was the year that I ended up pacing 8-10 half marathons – so much fun!


year 4 – 2017

In 2017, the HHR half marathon was my first race in orange as a BibRave Pro! I volunteered as a course marshal on Friday evening and ran the half marathon on Saturday morning. While I had fun, my weekend was struck with a sense of fear.

This was the first race I had run since having odd symptoms that were diagnosed as hypothyroidism within a couple weeks before the race. It also didn’t help that the HR function of my HR watch didn’t work and I thought I was dying…dramatic? Yes. But with the fear of the unknown the previous weeks, I didn’t take any chances. I took my time and stayed comfortable with walking and running intervals. If my heart rate felt high, I let off the gas and allowed it to come down.

year 5 – 2018

Let’s see how this year goes!

“How did you find all of your previous results? Or is your memory THAT good?!”

Nope! I am not THAT good…I wasn’t even quite sure which years I had run, let alone the times… With the help of Athlinks, I was able to claim all of my previous years results and even find some of the pictures from previous years! Add your name to the start list for the Hospital Hill Races on Athlinks and claim your prior results today!


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Do you have a race that you run each year?

What makes you come back to a race after the first year?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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