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exploring the backwoods trail | time to #livemorenow

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With the help of the #livemorenow initiative with BUFF®, little man and I are going to go on some fun adventures this summer! If you live in Kansas, you know that summer is here and it is time to explore.

With that said, summer just began (like the other day!) but we have had some cooler temps – which allows us to get out and explore more comfortably. With our BUFF® gear in hand, we hit another trail for an evening adventure. 


Little man sported my Brick BUFF® Pack Trek Cap to shield the sun from his face, but but mostly to keep the bugs out of his hair. I wore the new Siena Purple BUFF® Headband. We both are protected from the sun’s harmful rays with our great BUFF® gear [also with a little sunscreen and long sleeves]. 

This area that I am calling the “backwoods trail” is probably named something else…but since it is hard to get to and relatively new, this is it’s name to me. There are a couple ways to get on the trail – and I wanted to find the shortest route so little man wouldn’t be worn out by the time we actually got on the trail.


Finding the closest trail head took a bit longer than it probably should have, but it was all worth it! Little man was so excited to explore ♥


This rocky area is a link to the larger Linear Trail that reaches around our city. The section that we explored traverses behind neighborhoods, next to a drainage area, and behind the local zoo. If we continued down the trail, we then would have circled a local cemetery…but we didn’t go that far.

While behind the zoo, we could see and hear some large birds calling (which startled us at first) and we were also right next to the tiger enclosure… We could see the tigers moving around, so we stopped and talked to them for a little bit before moving along. 

Cleaning the rocks in the shoes always come first…


Along the trail, we found several stone “picnic table” set-ups that we HAD to climb on… Who knows how long these have been here or how they got here in the first place! 


All along the way, little man was talking about all the things that he saw – the rocks, the trees, the birds, the squirrels, etc. Here, he found a pile of “something stinky”. He made sure I knew where all of the poop was along the trail…ha! 


The last time I was on this stretch of trail, I was running with a few other people. I was captivated by how I didn’t know this section of trail existed in town and when I would be able to come back and explore further.

Today, by taking this trail a little slower, I was able to truly connect with the area and get a better feel of the space. It’s not everyday you can be in the middle of the city and not hear city sounds…


Our trip was not without many chances to stop and observe…and get rocks out of our shoes…because we didn’t want to wear proper shoes on this trek… 🙂 Time to stop and enjoy the evening – before a short rain shower came through… I wasn’t expecting that. 


Exploring this summer has been so much fun! With a little help from BUFF® products, we are exploring in style! Where to next little man?

What can you do to #livemorenow?

Do you have a local favorite trail you can share with a friend or loved one?

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