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exploring the Birding Trail | time to #livemorenow

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We were blessed with the first days of summer last week – and also the coolest daytime temps we have seen in months! With the help of the #livemorenow initiative with BUFF®, little man and I went on some fun adventures! Yesterday I posted about exploring the Backwoods Trail and  the following day, we hit up the Birding Trail!


Little man sported my Brick BUFF® Pack Trek Cap to keep the bugs off his head and I wore the new Polynesian Red BUFF® UV Multifunctional Headwear as a headband. We both are protected from the sun’s harmful rays with our great BUFF® gear [also with a little sunscreen]. The light materials of the UV headwear and caps is perfect for summer adventures!



The Birding Trail is easy to get to…but with little legs, it takes a little more time. Not to mention the bathroom stop and forgetting our water bottle in the car to add up the distance.


Once we were all set, we hit the gravel trail to the Birding Trail entrance. This small trail extension is at the back of a local park – Northeast Community Park – and I run this area often. 


With little man as my guide today, we stopped to take in all the sights. Including a baby bunny sighing before we even got on the trail! He sure loves those little animals ♥ 

The Birding Trail is a shaded leg that connects the linear trail to the Northeast Community Park trail. This half-mile section dons a dirt single track and lots of little spots to sit and enjoy nature.


Once on the Birding Trail, we explored areas of the trail that I haven’t seen before. When I am running though, I don’t have a lot of time to check out the nooks and crannies – like the one above. There is a small roughly paved section at the entrance to the trail – I am not sure what it is for, but the large rocks were fun to stand on.


Since it was getting late (all of 7pm and bright daylight), the locusts were starting to call and get quite loud. Little man thought the noises were scary and with a couple dead tree branches, he said it was getting “spooky out here”. 


All along the trail, little man would say, “There’s footprints. We must go this way!” 

My personal trail guide!


He was sure good at finding all the little things that I have missed over the years of running through the trail. 

Like this!

I have seen a bird watching platform off to the side for a while, but I haven’t ever had the urge to go check it out. It was funny to hear little man exclaim “I’M TRAPPED!” when he go to the top. It did look like he was in a cell of sorts…


“May you always have the time to enjoy the birds”


The most interesting discovery was the old, rusted trike hanging in a tree. I didn’t try to mess with it, but little man was more concerned with why it was missing a pedal than the fact that it was up a tree in the first place!


At the end of the day, I can only hope that taking little man on some fun adventures will instill a love for nature and the great outdoors. He sure has a lot of energy and exploring new places is a great way to wear him out ♥ Do you think that the 3 mile trek wore him out?? Nah, he still had energy to play on the playground after!


Exploring this summer is going to be so much fun! With a little help from BUFF® products, we are going to explore in style! Where to next little man?

What can you do to #livemorenow?

Do you have a local favorite trail you can share with a friend or loved one?

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