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recover with NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6 | Product Review

Disclaimer: I received Now Foods BCAAs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

I feel like I have a strong recovery game…and this has been put to the test (BIG TIME) since my 100 miler in September. Here are my top 5 ways I TRY to recover after big running events : 

  1. sleep
  2. eat well
  3. give myself grace
  4. go for walks to stay active
  5. refuel and rehydrate

While all of these sounds SUPER easy…they can be hard. Once my legs start to feel good, all I want to do is run! But taking a little more downtime will help my longevity in the sport.

When it comes to refuelling and rehydrating, one of the supplements I have used throughout my training is BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. I was given the opportunity to try the BCAA Big 6 product from Now Foods as a BibRave Pro. Knowing more about the company and their dedication to safe, clean products made me real excited!

Let’s dig in!


NOW® Sports

NOW® Sports is a clean, highly-tested brand with a variety of products for energy and endurance. One of the big bonuses is that NOW® Sports invests in Informed-Sport third-party certification for detection of banned substances to ensure product purity. 

informed sport logo

Through their Informed-Sport, LGC (an international life sciences measurement and testing company) currently tests for more than 200 prohibited substances and high-risk ingredients, including stimulants, steroids, anabolic agents, drugs, and masking agents. Athletes of all abilities (from the elites to……me!) can use the NOW® Sports nutritional supplements they need to compete without the fear of failing a doping test. 

NOW® Sports also takes pride in their products by not using any artificial ingredients (sweeteners, colors, or flavors) – that is something I like to hear!

NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6

I have kept both flavors at my desk at work for my afternoon runch sessions!

On to the good stuff – the NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6!

Over the years, I have used various brands of BCAAs. Knowing the more about NOW® Sports made me more comfortable testing them out – because I don’t necessarily know ANYTHING about the other BCAA companies I have tried in the past.

I have used BCAA products with the premise that they fuel my muscles before/during/after my workouts – and NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6 is no different.

BCAAs are essential amino acids that serve as the building blocks of protein, which helps to fuel your muscles during workout and can also help support muscle recovery post-workout. They’re called essential because the body doesn’t make them on its own, so you need to supplement or get from them from your diet.

img_4780The NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6 is great to use before/during or after your workouts and is vegan and caffeine-free – which is great since my workout times vary throughout the day. I do not sleep well at night with caffeine later in the day – so a caffeine-free product is a BIG WIN in my book! They come in watermelon and grape flavors – which are both great! 

My biggest pro/con is the intensity of the two flavors… Rather than mixing one scoop with 16oz of water, I found that I preferred 1 scoop to 24-32oz. The NOW® Sports shaker is great for mixing up the powder at whatever consistency you prefer!

Want to try BCAA Big 6, too?! You’re in luck! From now until November 15, 2018, use code 20NOWBCAA on (or visit this link) for 20% off both varieties of BCAA Big 6. Code is limited to one-time use only.

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  1. BCAAs are awesome! I definitely believe they help me get back to running faster when I have a harder week. Glad these are working out well for you!

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