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starting over…and staying safe | Weekly Workouts + Sabre Safety

Hello world!!

I have a couple things on the docket this week! First off, I am going to go over a product that I have been testing over the past couple weeks. Even though I was “stuck” on the treadmill a few times, I was still able to do some testing… Then, I will go over what I have been up to the past few weeks!

Disclaimer: I received SABRE Red® products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Staying Safe with Sabre Safety

When it comes to staying safe on the run, I have a several options :

  • changing up the time of day – but this doesn’t always work depending on the weather and life things
  • wearing reflective clothing
  • taking the pup with me – but this can only happen in the morning and evening…and in the evening I also need to take little man
  • wearing my Aftershokz headphones when I want to listen to music
  • be proactive about taking personal safety classes
  • carry self defense products

When I was given the opportunity to try the SABRE Red® Runner’s Pepper Spray, I jumped at the opportunity! I have carried different brands of pepper spray in the past and I feel the most confident running solo with some kind of personal safety device. 

As you will read later, my testing of SABRE Red®  products was a little more interesting – like on a treadmill.

To preface this review, the timing for testing this product wasn’t perfect but worked out in the end.

For the past few weeks, I have been staying with my father as a 24/7 caregiver after his stem cell transplant. So the timing for testing SABRE Red®  products didn’t end up being perfect…but I was still able to practice carrying the Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap, Duathlete Pepper Gel with Adjustable Arm Band, and Personal Alarm with Clip & LED Light a couple times running on the treadmill before I was able to head outside.

Treadmill Testing

In my treadmill testing, I found that the Runner Pepper Gel fit nicely in the palm of my hand. I was able to easily turn the safety (always locked when running) if I needed to engage the product.  I was a little nervous that my arm swing would throw the Duathlete Pepper Gel across the room, but the velcro held on tight! The Personal Alarm also worked out great overall. I found that I needed to clip it to my shirt and bra when I wore a loose shirt or it would flop around. I don’t think I’d have this issue with a tighter fitting top.

Road Testing

At least once a week, my sister was able to come over and stay with my dad so I could get out for a run for a couple hours. The 6ish miles between my parents house and my in-laws house was the perfect distance for me to get in a solid run!

During this time, I would carry my handheld water bottle in one hand and my SABRE Red® Runner Pepper Gel in the other. I also carried the Duathlete Pepper Gel on my arm and the Personal Alarm on my shirt so I was able to fully road test the product line I received.

I found that I felt more comfortable carrying SABRE Red® pepper spray on the run, and I felt confident when I was approached by other people. I didn’t have the urge to protect myself at any time, but I certainly felt more at ease that I WOULD be able to protect myself if the time came.

I also enjoyed carrying the SABRE Re Personal Safety Alarm. I first took it outside to see how effective the alarm was – and boy was it LOUD. But once I placed it on my shirt, I needed to figure out which side of the alarm was the light and which side was the alarm. I wish the alarm side was better marked – maybe with a different color or something – so I could easily tell which side was which. Other than this minor detail, I am very happy with the alarm!

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If you didn’t know already (or don’t follow me on Instagram), I have spent the past couple weeks back home living with my dad. He had a stem cell transplant towards the end of October and has needed 24/7 care through Day +30 of his procedure.

During this caretaking time, there needs to be at least one adult with dad at all times…which means that my outdoor running had to come to a screeching halt…and frankly, I am not sure how I was able to run those back-to-back half marathons a few weeks ago! Sheesh…I have lost a lot of fitness and am questioning everything…good thing I have some time to think about it before thinking about 2019 plans!

Let’s see how this week went!

weekly workouts – week 1

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : 1 treadmill mile

Today is my first day attempting to use my parents old treadmill…the first run in what feels like forever. And even then, I was super distracted. I went downstairs with the plan to walk or run, but I then spent the better part of an hour cleaning up around the space. I thought “I would be thinking about all the things I would want to clean…so I’ll just do that first.” After cleaning up, vacuuming the room, and taking out several bags of trash, I was ready to run!

Then, I didn’t realize that I needed to run at least a mile or 1.5km on my watch to then be able to calibrate my distance…1 mile on the treadmill, 0.9m on the watch. Oh well…better luck next time!

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : 1.35 miles

Day 2 of the treadmill adventures – with the room cleaned up, no excuses to waste time NOT running…right?! After I fed the cats, changed out my laundry, and grabbed my gear, I was nearly ready to run. I ended up walking and running the first mile and then because of the time, I opted to stop at 1.35m. This time, my watch allowed me to calibrate the distance to the mill…so everything was right with the world 🙂 

Today is a follow-up with the doc for dad. His blood levels are decreasing (normal for his procedure and medications) but he emphasized that from now on, eating is a little less about pleasure and more like a medication. Even though he is eating some, it is not enough…and he is losing weight at a rapid rate. Even though it might not be easy or taste “the way he knows it should”, he needs to try and eat more, more often. 

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : 6.35 miles – 

Not really…but kind of! My sister came by for a little while so I could get out for a run! I had some timing that I needed to be aware of, but we were able to make it work! I ran from my dad’s house to my in-laws house 6ish miles away (no shortcuts!) and then got a ride back home. Since I was already out, I stopped by my sisters apartment to grab a couple things (so she wouldn’t have to once I arrived back anyway).

It was good to see “new people” including my little man! He was very reluctant for me to leave him…but we will work out more time for him to see me over the next week.

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF

weekly workouts – week 2

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : Beachbody workout in the basement – trying something new! Other than running, I need to find some ways to be active…again!

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – Thanksgiving Day & follow up appointments

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : 6.5 miles

The last BEAUTIFUL day of the year I am sure…so my sister came by and stayed with dad so I could get in some miles!

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – I am not sure how it was 60 degrees yesterday and only 20 today…but I spent the last part of the day cleaning up the driveway from 5+ inches of wet snow…that should count as a workout! It surely took long enough!

weekly workouts – week 3

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – My last day as my dad’s caretaker

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – Getting back home and “back to normal” worked for 1 day…then I spent Wednesday at home working virtually since we were without daycare for the day.

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – Unless running around airports catching flights counts as a workout (it sure felt like one – even the pitting out my shirts, ha!!)

Frankly, Friday wasn’t completely without a workout – but I will recap my Zwift Virtual Run on another post this week! The next couple days were an awesome blur!

Scheduled : BibRave Pro Group Run
Actual : 2ish miles – Again, I will cover more of this sometime this week!

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF – More airport running…especially since my watch/phone didn’t update the time when I got to ATL. I thought I still had an hour to “play”…but no. I made it on time and still able to get a snack before boarding 🙂

Scheduled : no plans
Actual : OFF 

Tri-Weekly Miles : 20ish miles
Annual Miles : 1910
miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018) – maybe I can still get there!

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
recap via @livinglovingrun & other #linkups! #bibchat #runchat

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How did your training week go?
What are you training for?

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