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out with 2018 + changes in 2019 + announcement

out with 2018…

While it is easy to just start 2019 without looking back, I prefer to look back…just a little 🙂 Last year was truly a whirlwind of running and being busy…so here is my highlight reel!

JANUARY – nothing exciting happened this month…still losing my mind that the hubs registered me for my first 100 miler for Christmas!!

FEBRUARY – As a part of my first hundo training, I signed up to run the Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run 50K. I ran a similar course last fall as a training run for my first 50-miler – so it felt fitting that I ran another for this next training cycle. Too bad some lovely winter snow and ice thawed into a mushy,  muddy mess…my running buddy and I didn’t make the 3rd loop cutoff and made it an interesting 20-mile day.

Psycho Wyco 50K 20M
Image may contain: shoes and outdoor
First DNF – but awarded a 20M finishing time

MARCH – Training and running all the time!

APRIL – I was able to pace my first MARATHON with the Smart Pacing team! I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it was a great experience! Plus, the picture my hubs took of me (with my guidance) won me an entry into the 2019 event!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Garmin Marathon – paced the 5:30 finishers

MAY – Through the miles, I was also able to pace my 4th Bill Snyder Highway Half Marathon – 4th time I have run this event! #runlocal

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Bill Snyder Highway Half

JUNE – As my first hundo training cycle picked up, so did the races! I ran the Hospital Hill ReRun as a BibRave Pro! This was my 5th year running this event – and not the last!

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Hospital Hill Half Marathon – ReRun

I also fit in some major night miles on the same trails I would run for my first hundred miler! The Night Hawk 50K was hot…until it started raining…then it was a muddy mess!

Image may contain: Lindsey McRoberts, smiling, standing, tree, outdoor and nature
Night Hawk 50K – before the rain, just shining from the heat
Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud, grass, outdoor and nature
Nihgt Hawk 50K – finish

JULY – Speaking of rain, the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago experience was nothing short of a monsoon. 

No automatic alt text available.
Rock n’ Roll Chicago in the pouring rain!

AUGUST – Bring on the taper!!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, shoes, outdoor and nature
Happy Trail Hawks Day run out at Clinton Lake

SEPTEMBER – The Hawk 100 in September was the highlight of my year!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and text
Before and After the Hawk 100
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
The many outfit changes of my Hawk 100 experience (and not ALL of them!!)
Image may contain: 1 person, standing
The most amazing crew made it all possible!!

OCTOBER – Attempted recovery for the remainder of September and October; but then couldn’t resist the urge to run a little more relaxed (road) pace through KC as a pacer for the KCM later in the month.

No photo description available.
Kansas City Half Marathon – 2:50 pacer

NOVEMBER – Bringing back some miles with a back-to-back weekend of races! The Little Apple Half on Saturday and the Kansas Half on Sunday!

Double Weekend : Little Apple Half (in Manhattan, KS on Saturday)
Image may contain: grass and outdoor
Double Weekend : Kansas Half (in Lawrence, KS on Sunday)

Once the fun of running and racing was over, I had some more personal details to work out. My dad had his stem cell transplant in November, stayed at KU Medical Center for 2 weeks, and then I spent the following 2 weeks back in KC being his 24/7 caretaker. Other than making his meals, he was a pretty easy patient. He slept quite a bit during the day, so I was able to work-away-from-work quite a bit (surely more than I thought I would be able to). Once my time in KC was complete, I headed back to Manhattan for a couple days…then headed to Austin, TX for the weekend!

TRE weekend – You can check out all of the fun on my other blog post – but I can’t fully express how AWESOME it was to meet and greet with those names I see on my social media week to week! I CANNOT wait to be able to get to know more BibRave Pros at future events!

DECEMBER – My first slow, lazy month to finish out the year…I thought that running 2018 miles in 2018 was going to be simple with my 100-mile training (since it was easy with my 2017 in 2017 with “just” a 50-miler on the schedule) but I fell behind and didn’t have the motivation to pile on the miles…

This past year has been a whirlwind of running and life events – with the peak being my Hawk 100 miler finish and the valley being the diagnosis of my dad’s multiple myeloma and my mom’s ever-changing mental health concerns.

Though it all, we have plugged along and made it through another year!

…2019 changes

Let’s just start with the fact that I planned on cutting my racing/pacing way back in 2019… 

At this time, I only have one pacing event on my schedule for 2019. In May, I will be pacing the 3:00 group at the Bill Snyder Highway Half – a local event in its 5th year. I had the thought of at least a couple other events throughout the year : 

  • Garmin Half Marathon in April (I have since signed up since this blog post was started…)
  • Hospital Hill Half or 10K the first weekend in June
  • Hawk Marathon in September
  • Kansas City Half Marathon or 10K in October

In the long term, this is a VERY scaled back schedule from what I have accomplished over the past couple years… Frankly, I am not sure what will happen or how my body is going to respond the upcoming changes…


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Man to boy… ❤️❤️ : #mcrobertspartyof4

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Were you trying? Yes and no. We weren’t EXACTLY trying…but we stopped trying NOT to get pregnant. We had the similar mindset this time as with little man and we got pregnant quickly. Clearly, that worked the same way this time around as well…

When did you find out? Long story…

I moved in with my dad for a couple weeks in November while he was recovering from his stem cell transplant. I should have had my “lady time” sometime during my stay but I forgot about it in the day-to-day routine caring for him. Once I was back home (for a couple days), I just felt off…then I was off to Austin for a couple days.

Once home for good, I still felt off and just in a haze… The hubs would randomly ask if I were pregnant and I would say something to the degree of “I don’t think so” or “not that I know of.” After testing negative for the flu, I decided to buy a test. I took the test that night and went to bed not knowing the result…clearly I just didn’t think it was possible. In the morning I checked…and the test had two pink lines! I woke the hubs up, clearly I was being a little weird, and he asked if we were pregnant. When I say “yesssss”, he followed up with “is it a boy or girl?” If only we knew that early… ❤ 

When are you due? July 24th

How are you feeling? Overall, pretty good! Right after we found out, I had a bout with something flu-like. I was super sick for 24 hours…and then I was okay. I first thought it was just “morning sickness” since I didn’t experience any of that with little man…but I was wrong.

Will you find out the gender? Oh yes. I am not good at waiting… We will find out the gender as soon as we can!

With little man, we even went in at 18 weeks for an elective ultrasound so we could surprise our parents early – it ended up being a Grandparent’s Day surprise for them 🙂

I have even been half tempted to get one of those blood tests online that you can find out the gender anytime after 9 weeks…but I can’t quite comprehend spending $80 on the test… We will know in a couple months!

Are you still working out? Yes! And I will be working out as long as my body will allow me to!

With little man, I started spotting and bleeding after my morning runs…and even though the doctor said everything was okay (after an early ultrasound to be sure the pregnancy wasn’t in the wrong place and progressing correctly), I didn’t want to be constantly stressed out about it. So I stopped running and just walked. I have not had any of those issues with this pregnancy (to this point) which is promising!

Are you showing already? Uhhh…yeah. I have read that women can start showing faster with the second pregnancy…and that is totally true for me!

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How did you finish up 2018?
Big plans or life changes in 2019?

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