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handling more than a handful | favorite long run essentials @ 24 weeks pregnant

Disclaimer: I received The Closer Bra from Handful to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

For this pregnancy, everything about being active is a new sensation. With my first pregnancy, I was not active…and it showed. This time around, I have been able to keep active through living room workouts, gym time, and some very rewarding running time!

Running during this pregnancy has been a lesson in giving myself some grace and finding new forms of comfort.

Now that I am closing in on the last few weeks of my second trimester, I have a few tried-and-true pieces of gear that I have been using successfully for a little while now — some longer than others.

Let’s check them out!

my favorite long run essentials @ 24 weeks pregnant

Here is the short list of my favorite long run essentials :

  • Aftershokz HeadphonesI have used Aftershokz for years (literally) and you would be hard pressed to find me out running without them
  • Sprig ArmbandSince I always take my phone with me, this easy to wear little band is great to be able to run hands-free
  • Tuvizo VestI am on a limited supply of new running gear, all of which doesn’t have reflective elements. Now that the summer heat is coming on, I will be trying to head out in the early morning hours — and reflectivity will be key! This vest is easy to adjust with my growing physique and will keep me seen on the run.
  • Handful, The Closer BraSee more about this amazing piece of performance gear!
  • Blanqi ShortsI have been hard pressed to find running shorts that fit my growing bump. While these shorts are not necessarily intended for running events, they have worked perfectly for me to continue working out and running through this pregnancy!
  • Bao Bei Maternity support bandAnother great piece of gear for added maternity support is the Bao Bei Speed Bump. I have worn it throughout my activities this pregnancy and have enjoyed the extra support around my growing bump.

handling more than a handful | The Closer Bra Review

For the past 24+ weeks my body has been going through a major growth spurt — growing another human being. While this is great, it also means that my wardrobe is needing to accommodate to this change.

When the opportunity to try the new bra Handful came out with recently as a BibRave Pro, I jumped at the opportunity! I have been wanting and needing to find a supportive bra that could handle my growing chest — and I think I have it (at least until I need a larger size…).

The Closer Bra to the rescue!

I can say so many great things about this bra, but I will limit myself to a few of my favorite features! I would also go ahead and rank them in importance or personal favorite, but they are all pretty well tied…

soft, breathable materials

At first touch, you will be impressed with the soft and stretchy feel of The Closer bra. Afterall, you will be wearing this against some sensitive areas, so you WANT the material to be comfortable. The mesh accent panels on the back are both great for breathability and just plain cute!

front zip closure

I have been looking for a front zip bra for probably forever, and I think Handful is pretty close to mastering this feature! With a hook loop to set in place and full zip, you’ll be kept in place through whatever your workout brings you.

The bottom of the zipper has a nice little garage to keep the plastic from rubbing your skin — but I wish the top of the zipper had one as well so I didn’t hear the “clanking” of the zipper on the run. Just a little material to keep the zipper down would be great.


Last and certainly not least is the support of The Closer bra.

I have been a member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee ever since I stopped breastfeeding and pumping for my son (4 years ago) and started running more steadily. “The girls” were the first to go…and I have been running with light support ever since. So all of my current bras are not something I can easily wear for anything active…or even daily tasks (let’s be real).

The Closer has been an amazing addition to both my daily life and workout/running gear because of my growing top half NEEDS the extra coverage and support. I don’t feel like I am moving all over the place or at risk of a wardrobe malfunction in The Closer.

Good work Handful!

My fellow BibRave Pro’s also went through various features of The Closer Bra on their blogs as well. Be sure to check them out! And if you need your own piece of Handful gear — use the discount code BIBRAVE for 10 % off your order!

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