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I am not just a runner. It is true.

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

…I am soon to be a new mother again.

I am an 8 to 5 full-time worker.

I am a caretaker of many things…and life can get super busy in the blink of an eye. Honestly, over the past several weeks, running has taken a major back-burner to other aspects in my life…

happening lately…

After my last “race” of this season (Hospital Hill), I have felt a little lost…not ready or willing to commit to anything other than staying a little more than “not active” the remainder of my pregnancy.

Then a week after HHR, I drove my husband to Goodland, KS to start his own adventure of Biking Across Kansas over the following week. Again, a small hiccup in any morning running plans, but a willing sacrifice! I am completely blown away by the feat he signed up for all those months ago, but I was sure glad to pick him up in Atchison over a week later!

Colorado border to Missouri River — Bike Across Kansas

Then Father’s Day. What started as a 30 mile “recovery ride” after the hubs BAK adventure soon turned into an ER visit, his first major cycling accident. “A hairline fracture in elbow; beyond a Grade 3 AC joint separation, surgery will likely be needed” is what they told us…

Like I said before, life has been (and can always be) busy in the blink of an eye…

time to relax?

And yet, somehow, I have been able to keep it all together. After all, I am not the only one I need to be taking care of. How do I balance it all?

Frankly, I have no clue.

No lies.

But finding ways to relax at ANY time of the day surely helps! And what do I do to relax? I keep my mind and body busy… Sounds counter productive, but works well for me.

  • Ways to keep my body active: running, walking, gardening, playing with the pup and/or kid, mowing the lawn, etc.
  • Ways to keep my mind active: …thinking about stuff (which can then make me a little crazy) or completely zoning out with a good book or podcast

Personally I choose all of the above — and with the help of my trusty Aftershokz, I can do it all!

Evil Drama GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Aftershokz for the WIN everyday

But for real… I am able to get SO MUCH done with my Aftershokz! Let’s take the past few weeks alone. The open-ear technology allows me to listen to whatever I want (audio books, podcasts, phone calls with a friend, music, etc.) while maintaining my situational awareness.

Without running being at the top of my priority list, I was still able to weed the garden (nearly everyday over the past couple weeks) and listen to my audio book while the kiddo safely played in the swimming pool on the patio…

I was able relax in the shade and catch up on missed podcasts while the kiddo played at the splash park…

And I was able to take the dog and kid for a walk while constantly watching for traffic and animals along the way, and listening to some motivational tunes.

There is REALLY no limit to the tasks and activities you can complete while keeping your mind and/or body busy and your ears open! I look forward to being able to get away for a run this week…hopefully my Aftershokz are charged up!

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