sweet potato + spinach

I am joining up with Jenn from Peas anpd crayons, Arman from The Big Man’s World, Meghan form Clean Eats Fast Feets, and Laura from Sprint 2 The Table for What I Ate Wednesday!


I thought I would join the party of What I ate Wednesday fun! While this is just one day this week, I generally keep to the same routine then entire week! I aim for 100+ oz of water (with additional electrolytes or “hydration mix” at least once a day) a day, 1+ fruit or veggie with every meal/snack, and rounded meals/snacks with different food groups (generally try for fruit/veggie/carb, protein, and fat – but this doesn’t always happen!). Also, with this being a taper week with a race/run on Saturday, my meals this week will be a little more on the carb heavy side (especially towards the end of the week!).

The 30-degree morning temps did not appeal for my morning run – so I stayed in and did a DVD workout, Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit with Shaun T and crew! Except for the dog that wanted to help me stretch and through that I was going to run with her through the living room, this was a successful workout!


[breakfast] Vanilla Orange Spinach Smoothie: orange juice, vanilla protein powder, spinach


I was pleasantly surprise how good this tasted! I generally make my smoothies with either water or unsweetened almond milk – so it has been a while since I have used orange juice. The spinach doesn’t have any flavor and the vanilla/OJ makes a “creamsicle” taste, yum! This will be a recipe to keep and use again in the future!

  • Morning cup of joe (w/sugar free hazelnut creamer) and 1st liter of water


My breakfast held with me for most of the morning – I didn’t eat my snack when I normally do because I just wasn’t feeling hungry and frankly, I forgot!

[late morning snack] apple, homemade baked oatmeal bar (1/2), non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt


  • 2nd liter of water

[pre workout] Melaleuca Access Bar: mint chocolate ICE


There is nothing I LOVE more than a nice, breezy, clear, 60-something degree, lunch run! There is the linear trail head within a mile of my work and the trails are awesome to run through at any time of the year – except after it rains or when we have high water warnings on the river (then the trail MIGHT be under water). The lower trail is “designated” as a biking trail, so I don’t ever wear headphones so I can be more aware of the warnings before I get run over (which “pass on the left” was yelled at me twice today, must be the AMAZING weather!).

[post workout] banana

[late lunch] turkey tenderloin (leftovers from dinner Saturday night), sweet potatoes (in the crock pot all day Saturday), zucchini (lesson learned: do not leave in crock pot too long! Sautéed is better!)


  • 3rd liter of water w/Melaleuca Sustain Sport Hydration mix (Orange Splash)

[afternoon snack] cucumber, cottage cheese, 2 eggs


[dinner] stuffed sweet potatoes w/ham, cheese, green beans


Well, that was fun!

I already use the Wellcoin app to take pictures and track my healthy choices throughout the day, so this was easy! I generally track my sleep, healthy/non-healthy drink choices, daily fitness and activities, food choices, etc. By logging these activities in the Wellcoin app, I earn rewards all different types of rewards; from gym classes to healthy snack items to workout gear!


Also, I am participating in the #holidaysweat challenge – and due to eating the same thing most days, I have been able to eat had 7-9 freggies (FRuits and vEGGIES) throughout the day (as seen above).  #pranastyle @prana #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


What are you eating today?

Did you get all your FREGGIES in?

Have you heard of Wellcoin? Is so, we should be friends!

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