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hawk fifty mile training | w13

This week has been a good one! The weather is getting nicer, my runs haven’t felt bad, and did I mention the weather has been GREAT?! I love fall weather…and since it isn’t the fall quite yet, I am still waiting on the real cool down. Losing a couple degrees here and there is on the right track…

Another week down in my training for the Hawk 50 in September – a mere 5 weeks away!! I am not nervous – but I am getting excited to get to run all day and into the evening : ) Weird, huh? Running is mostly a solo gig for me…so the 50M distance is 1) a new challenge, 2) a super supported long, long run, and 3) a lot of time to think. #Team2Loops

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the sound of running | Friday Five

The pounding the pavement, concrete, trail, or treadmill under my feet. As runners, we all have a memory of these sounds and can hear them vividly…

The sound of cars whooshing by (sometimes closer than we are comfortable with). 

The sound of other runners “on your left” or passing you in the opposite direction – a brief “good morning” acknowledged in passing.

The sounds of nature – locust buzzing, crickets chirping, birds singing cows mooing, roosters calling, animals scurrying away from the road (!!), trees rustling in the breeze.

The sound of pumping music to keep up your pace, intriguing audio books or podcasts to give you something to think about, or calming tunes to keep your HR low and steady.

These are a few of the sounds of running I experience every run…

With typical “ear bud” headphones, all but one of these sounds is blocked out – you may only WANT to hear your music/book/podcasts, but this is not a safe option when there is so much more going on around us!

I was introduced to Aftershokz headphones last year and I was given the opportunity to try them a couple times. I was recently selected to test and review a pair with BibRave as a BibRave Pro and once you go with Aftershokz, you won’t go back!

Year Of Running

July Running

I really enjoy linking up with Tuesdays On The Run – after all, my blog is MOSTLY running based, with a little real life sprinkled in… 

It’s time to connect with Erika, Marcia, and Patty and give my running a letter grade for this past month! I am going to try and post something similar month to month…

This grade is going to be based on (1) my current training plan, and my goals for 2017 – (2) my progress for 2017 miles in 2017 goal, (3) training for and completing my first 50 miler, (4) having fun while on the run and (5) keeping a run streak!