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farmers market + pie


Monday- Due to running the ½ over the previous weekend, I took quite a bit more rest this week – starting Monday!

Tuesday- I took an easy paced lunch run – no expectations, as long as I got back to work on time. – 3.75mi 


Wednesday- Today, I took a little longer lunch run – still no time/pace expectations, just running to keep myself sane! – 4.25mi


Thursday- I still have yet to run in the morning before work this week – not sure that will happen! I did take a nice walk over lunch to the gym, on the treadmill for 2 miles, and then back to work. – 2.5mi


Friday- Well, today I was able to take a super long lunch – 2.5 hours in fact! So, what would I do? Go for a long run! I just ran out away from work, and zigzagged back and forth until I felt like going back. There was a lot of walking, mostly due to the shoes I was wearing, not the greatest (I’ll be regretting that decision tomorrow) – 11mi



Saturday- warm sheets + pillow + sore legs and feet = no group run this morning

Sunday- Rest 🙂

Total training miles: 21.5 miles (more than I anticipated coming off a race weekend!)


Since I didn’t have the prep time last weekend, my meals were quite the hodgepodge this week. Also, we had our annual Thanksgiving lunch at work on Thursday – I not only thought that day was Wednesday, but I brought my own lunch to work and forgot my sides that I signed up to bring! Oh well, looks like I won’t be at the front of the line this year!


protein shake (different varieties)
fruit, yogurt, granola


Costco salad w/carrots
Chili and salad
Thanksgiving work lunch


yogurt, PB, fruit
cottage cheese, cucumber
miscellaneous protein/snack bar


similar to lunch options, prepped over the weekend, or anything I make on a whim!

Weekend Happenings


This day started like many others, dilly-dallying around in the morning and not getting a chilly (freaking cold) morning run in. Since I had some early mornings and missed lunches at work, I took a long lunch to make up the time. For 2.5 hours, I ran back and forth through town, made sure to stop by the bank for daycare money, and was back to work for the end of the shift. Little man and I then spent the evening playing and relaxing at home.

Fun gift when arriving home, I received a prize from a Manitoba Hemp Hearts contest! I will be putting these bars in my meal/snack box for this week in case my packed snacks aren’t enough!



Due to my long run Friday afternoon in less than stellar running shoes, my dogs stayed in bed, sore and tired. Mental note: please wear standard running shoes when taking an impromptu long run!

The little man and I had a packed day for sure! We started the morning going to the winter farmer’s market. In Manhattan, there is a summer market every weekend in the mall’s parking lot and the winter market is every other weekend at the 4H building at Cico Park. This is the first weekend I have gone to the winter market, and we will surely be going back! There were all kinds of crafts, fruits, vegetables, breads, cookies, meats, and snacks. I bought a loaf of bread, a few cucumbers, and a few Christmas cards on this trip.

Winter Farmer’s Market

Since we were on the west side of town, we went to Target! There were only a couple things that I needed, but we were able to waste a little time just wandering around. Next, we tripped back to the east side and went grocery shopping – one of little man’s favorite things to do! J/K…it depends on the day. He mostly enjoys going to Costco with g-ma because there are so many foods to try 🙂 Yes, I am that mom that either comes with snacks to keep my kiddo calm in the store – or I grab something off the shelf if I am unprepared…and yes, we bought those cookies!


Once we got home and put all the groceries away, we headed back to the farmer’s market to get the hubs some lunch. There was a BBQ place there, Willie’s BBQ, and since their meat was good when we were there the first time, I thought that I would take the hubs a hot sandwich. While there, I wasn’t able to resist the vegetables, so I also bought Brussel sprouts, carrots, kiwi, yellow squash, acorn squash, and avocados. For buying at least $5 from this vendor, I was given a bag of greens – I choose the “cole slaw” looking bag. Good stuff for making salads!


We took the hubs his lunch and since he was busy, we waited around the “lobby” for him. Containing a nearly 2-year old is not easy, but I just kept an eye on him. He was all over the place and giving all the salesmen high fives and knuckles (pound it). While we were waiting, on of the sales men took a HUGE pie into the hubs office – back story, a customer from the previous day makes pies and was going to make one for him. It was a coconut cream pie with 4-5” of meringue on top! Needless to say, I was the one to take that home…it was still warm, fresh from the oven! I literally had to hold it the entire ride home…it was still gooey and I was afraid that a sudden stop would slosh coconut cream all over my car.


Little man passed out, rightfully so, on the way home.


Once little man was down for his nap, my “meal prep” madness came out!

I bought some standard potatoes and onions at the store with the intension of making potatoes and onions for lunches/dinners/whatever. I washed and chopped and put everything in the crockpot on low for the day – these ended up being the side for dinner this night, but there is plenty for dinners more nights this week!

I bought a bag of salad mix last weekend at Costco – it was great and had many different likes of greens, lettuces, romaine, cabbages, etc. included. Since I got this bag of “slaw mix” from the farmers market, a lot of the knife work was done for me. I sliced up some of the Brussel sprouts, added some of the slaw mix, chopped up some romaine, and mixed it all together. I bought some dressing and a cranberry/pumpkin seed mix while at the store as the toppings.


Next, I wanted to do something with the apples we had around the kitchen. I eat them on the regular, but I was just looking for something different. So, I sliced them up, removing the seeds as I went, dipped them in the “no browning” water mix, and put them in the dehydrator! A couple of the layers were then dusted with ground cinnamon, yum! Apple chips, done!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing around the house. The hubs got home from work around 6:30 and started making burgers for dinner. A couple went in the cast iron for dinner, and more went in to the freezer for later!


We had a mostly lazy Sunday of activities! I slept in, again, and woke up when the little man was tired of being in bed. I made him breakfast and then made myself breakfast/brunch (it took longer cooking than I expected). I had some precooked vegetables in the fridge that I wanted to make into an egg bake. I found a generic recipe on Pinterest and cooked them up! There were 4-5 cups of mixed vegetables, 8 eggs, and a little cheese on top. I found a couple recipes that said 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes (until eggs set) – but every time I checked them, there was still liquid that was milling around. After probably 40 minutes, I reset the oven for 375 degrees and added it for 5 more minutes. That seemed to set the final bit of egg in the middle. I had ¼ of the bake for breakfast/brunch and the rest (since it didn’t have meat, cake, or alcohol in it – hubs didn’t want anything to do with it, “what’s the point?”) will be my breakfast for the week!


Most of the day was spent trying to get little man to take a nap…so much resistance. The eye rubbing began around 10-10:30am, and that seemed like the regular time (over the weekend) that a nap would happen, so I took him to bed. I could hear him talking and playing for the next hour to hour and a half…at that point, he was over it and wanted out of his crib. Nap 0. Little man 1.

We played for a little bit, watched a squirrel dig in the bird feeder in the window, and then ate lunch. After lunch, the yawning started. So we went upstairs and I laid him down for a nap. He was not happy about this decision at all and screamed it out for the next 20 minutes or so… Nap 0. Little man 2.


The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing with cars, going by the grocery store for a couple more things, snack time…and then another attempt with the nap. This time, I just stayed up in his room and was a human mattress. It is not often that our little man likes to cuddle, but he was all about it now. So sweet! 🙂 I rested with him across my chest for the next 2 hours…I napped as well, I could use it after the craziness of no naps!

Around 6pm, we got up and I thought about starting dinner. The hubs was out hunting this afternoon and I was unsure of when he would come home. Not long after this thought, boom, there he was – home! He decided that we were going to have breakfast for dinner – no complaining here! He made us deer sausage links, pancakes, and eggs. The meal was great and everyone enjoyed the warm meal! After dinner, g-pa called to FaceTime with little man – while consisted of bits and pieces of conversation, but mostly g-pa and g-ma watching little man play with his cars.


Remember that pie I had to carry home? Well the hubs finally dug into that tonight and I also had part of a slice. Not bad! I have not ever had coconut cream pie – I would have been the one to request a chocolate or pumpkin pie!


A fun filled, busy weekend in the books!

TriciaI am linking up with Laura and Tricia for the weekly wrap up and other great bloggers!




What were you up to last weekend?

Did you meal prep for the week?

I love hearing from you! Please and thanks for taking the time to comment.

12 thoughts on “farmers market + pie

  1. Great workout week. Those dried apples look so delicious! I used to use my dehydrator all the time when I was totally obsessed with beef jerky! I guess apples are maybe a better option and probably don’t take as long.


  2. I love coconut pie! That meringue is incredibly high! Nobody at my house likes it but me, so I’d have that bad boy all to myself. I do not meal prep. I should, but my weekends are usually busier than my weekdays. I cook in the crock pot a good bit or have really quick recipes for weeknight suppers. I can’t imagine just going out and running 11 miles on a whim! Wow. I remember those nap time struggles! With my 3rd and final child, I just gave up. I appreciate you linking with us and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. All that food is making me drool over here! I haven’t even had breakfast yet too! I hope we have coconut pie or even cake Thursday. I so understand running just to keep sane, and I’m sure I’ll try and get in one like that at some point while I’m at the in-laws. Hope you have a great week!


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