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running + thanksgiving


Monday- 4.7 mi lunch run, 1 mi stroller walk to the neighbors (mis-delivered package)

Tuesday- 6.83 miles – dropped car off at dealership and ran back to work


Wednesday- no running workout due to weather, work, and travel

Thursday- 6.3 mile pre-turkey run

Friday- 1 mile post-work run, on a treadmill; I would have #OptOutside but it is less than 30 degrees with ice on the ground!…getting a workout in the next best way! #OptInside

Saturday- 3 miles, locked out of the house and car, run (#runchat scavenger hunt find #1 – leftover Halloween decorations)


Sunday- 2 later-than-I-would-have-liked night miles


Total training miles: 23.83 miles


Since I didn’t have the prep time last weekend, my meals were quite the hodgepodge this week. Also, we had our annual Thanksgiving lunch at work on Thursday – I not only thought that day was Wednesday, but I brought my own lunch to work and forgot my sides that I signed up to bring! Oh well, looks like I won’t be at the front of the line this year!


protein shake (different varieties)
fruit (apple, raspberries, or blueberries), yogurt, granola


Homemade salad mix w/carrots
Chili and salad
Thanksgiving lunch and leftovers


yogurt, fruit (apple, raspberries, or blueberries), hemp hearts
cottage cheese, cucumber
miscellaneous protein/snack bar


Homemade salad mix w/carrots
Chili and salad
protein shake (different varieties) – especially when the workout was later in the day, I just didn’t have an appetite
Loaded potatoes (either sweet or standard russet) with ham, cheese, and onions

Weekend Happenings


Our little family went back home to spend Thanksgiving with the grandparents. It was a sleepy 2hr drive late on Wednesday due to the hubs getting off work quite a bit later than expected – not out of the ordinary! The little man slept most of the trip, but perked up once we were close to grandpa/ma’s house…”PAPA! PAPA!” is what he excitedly says once we are in the driveway. Weren’t you just snoring?? Oh well,…he then stayed up WAY past his bedtime and was a beast to try and get to bed at 11:30pm. Yikes! Good thing he slept in until 9:30am!

Thanksgiving day was pretty relaxed – the weather was cold and rainy, but I was still able to get in a run before lunch!


We hung out with my hubs family for lunch and then went over to my parents for “desert” later – but we were still full from lunch and opted for no more pie. Little man had fun playing with his cousin’s toys and with my parent’s dogs 🙂 What else would a little boy put in a dolly stroller than a race car and golf ball?


On our way back to the hubs parents, we decided that we were going to make the 2 hour trek back home that night. The weather was getting colder and there were “winter weather warnings” throughout the following days. We got back home pretty late, but it was nice sleeping in our own bed and not having to worry about driving 2hours in the dark, icy conditions.


Back to work! I ended up going to the gym after work to get in my 1 mile for the day…the weather was too bad for me to risk slipping on the ice. I only got in 1 mile before I needed to head home to meet up with the hubs for a fun night out…little did I remember that he got off work at 7pm on Friday, not 6pm. I could have ran a few more miles before needing to head home! Oh well.

IMG_5733 (1)

We spent the evening bowling with Shaun, his wife, and his MIL. I think this was the first time that I was still happy when we were done bowling…I usually get so competitive, with myself and not with others, that I burn out and get upset. It also could have been the fact that we were drinking beer and I just was a little more relaxed than usual!


After bowling, we went back to Shaun’s place and hung out. I was pooped and ended up passing out on the couch sometime around 11pm. Once the hubs was ready for me to take him home, we left J


Saturday morning started out slow…I got up in time to make it out for the group run, but I had easily 1” of ice on my windshield. No fun! So, I decided that I would make the second and third loops starting an hour later…but then after thinking about it, I decided that I would wait for the sun to melt the ice during the day and just get in a run later. I spent the morning and early afternoon baking!

I made an egg bake with 3 different colored peppers, an onion, fresh green beans, and broccoli that would last me the week of either breakfasts or snacks.


I then tried another baked oatmeal recipe – it started out a lot more watery than the last one I made, and then it took twice the baking time than the recipe stated. Oh well, they are still great!


I was also able to prep a few protein shakes for the week – water, chia seeds, protein powder, mix and refridgerate!


By early afternoon, the rain/ice pellets were not letting up – so I decided that I was going to go to the gym for my run. Also, I could then use the sauna – so good! So I get dressed for the gym, put on my boots, grab my shoes and a change of clothes, and my shoulder bag. I glance at the key bowl and decide NOT to take my house key (I can use the garage opener to get back in when I got home), and I locked the door and left. Once I am at my car, I am having a hard time getting the door to open…like a real hard time! I tried all the doors, and nothing is budging! My first thought, I am iced out of my car. This is crazy! So, I decide to go back to the house. I hit the “lock” button on my tailgate and nothing happens. There should be a “BEEP” to tell me that I locked my car back up, but nothing… So I go back to my driver side door – no “beep” to open or lock the car. WHAT?! (Back story – I took my key out of my shoulder bag that morning because I was going to have to run with it…the key never made its way back into my bag.) So,…I am now locked out of my car…and walking back to the house,…I am now also locked out of my house. GREAT!! This is super great… Well, we have a cousin that lives about ½ mile from us…so I called her and asked if I could borrow our spare key. I am super glad that they were home or I would have been stuck!! I changed my shoes, started the Garmin, and headed out. Once I got to their house, got the key, explained my story to her,…then, since the roads were not bad, I just kept running; rather than going to the gym after all. There were surely some slick spots and lots of puddles, but as long as I kept my steps short and watched the road, I was doing great!


Once I got home, I didn’t want to go anywhere. So I sent my grocery list to the hubs (mostly dinner items) and just relaxed for a bit.

I made stuffed acorn squash with deer sausage and apples for dinner! Yum!


The rest of the evening was quiet and spent watching a movie!


Sunday morning started much like any morning – it was raining, so I didn’t go for a run. Rain is not a big deal – it is the 33 degree rain that I didn’t want to deal with. I can get sick pretty easily, and a freezing rain would spell trouble! We got up, made breakfast, and we laid around watching Netflix. Sometime closer to 1pm, the grandparents were arriving, bringing us back our little man! He spent the weekend in KC with the grandparents since both the hubs and I worked on Friday and the sitter requested that day off. No harm…little man LOVES spending time with his grandparents and is always sad to see them go. Today wasn’t any different – I could hear him crying in the house before I could bring his bags in. Grandma had to come in and calm him down a little before she left for good.


The rest of the day was resting and relaxing – except for the hubs, he went into work for a couple hours in the afternoon. The hubs made hamburgers for dinner (the ones that were put in the freezer last weekend) and we watched an animated movie with the little man.

A fun filled, busy weekend in the books!


Did you travel for Thanksgiving?

Did you get a workout in before/after the Thanksgiving festivities?

Has winter derailed your workouts this season yet?


I love hearing from you! Please and thanks for taking the time to comment.

I am linking up with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap up and other great bloggers for our weekly workouts, weekend happenings, and meal planning!





How is your #holidaysweat challenge going?? Keep moving this holiday season and keep eating those FREGGIES! #SaveLunchBreak @subway #jumpjoymonday #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


I was able to maintain my mileage by following @RunEatRepeat to Pile on the Miles through November!  I had the goal to complete 100 miles for the month, and I completed 115 miles! #POTM15


Starting this past Thursday, the Runners World Winter Run Streak started! I am going strong these first few days – and with the Holiday Sweat Challenge at the same time, I will be getting double the brownie points!


I found yet another fun, holiday themed, running game! Through reading Coco’s blog, Running With Perseverance, I stumbled onto the #RunChatHunt scavenger hunt. Since I will be running a lot in the coming time, this is just another fun activity to add to the mix! Join the fun! I have marked Leftover Halloween decoration and Local Track off my list – and there are several that I saw today that I will have to collect soon!


8 thoughts on “running + thanksgiving

  1. I think the RunChatHunt would be so fun! It’s too bad I can’t run very much right now. I did get out Thanksgiving morning for a 25 mile ride. I had to ease the guilt for what I’d be eating later in the day. Good luck with the RW streak! My husbands likes to bowl, but we haven’t been in ages! I have to hide keys outside because my kids lock me out (and then leave) all the time when I’m running or cycling. I appreciate you linking with us again, Lindsey. Have a wonderful week!


  2. I haven’t been bowling in ages! Looks like fun! Great week of running and meal planning! Those meals look yummy! Good luck with your RW Holiday Streak! I would love to participate If it weren’t for my marathon on Saturday. I might try the Summer Challenge again next year. I only made it 17 days this summer before getting the stomach virus.


  3. I’ve got to read up on the scavenger hunt! I wish I had known about it before now. It sounds like so much fun! Super job on the POTM15 goal and Yea I think you will get triple brownie points coming off of that and going into the Sweat Pink challenge and runstreak! You will be able to eat all the Christmas goodies you can!!! 😉 Thanks for linking up with us!!!


  4. I think it’s neat how your runs each tied in so much with your daily life – a run after dropping your car off, one after locking yourself out of your house/car, etc. You had me laughing at your #OptInside hastag! You do what you gotta do, right? 🙂


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