kale + venison + mango | WIAW

Wednesday already?! How do these weeks just fly by…

I was able to meal prep a little over the weekend – read in farmers market + meal prep – so packing for meals and snacks for work is quick and painless! I still would like to prep a little more for dinners for the rest of the week…but that is for another day!

[drinks] decaf coffee & creamer + water (32oz X 4) + Nuun LemonLime + Nuun Watermelon

[breakfast] kale + water + chocolate protein + peppermint extract + stevia

Since I went bonkers for kale at the farmers market this past weekend, I thought that I could start using it in my green smoothies! While this smoothie is chocolate peppermint, the green only comes from the kale…not the mint.  Not too bad! But I added the stevia after I got to work because it was a little vegetable tasting…but after a little sweetness, the veggie taste is virtually gone! I am going to try more fruit smoothies with the kale throughout the week!


[morning snack] apple + peanut butter


[additional morning snack] a chunk of mango


[pre-workout fuel] honey stinger organic chews


[workout] interval run – 60 minutes

I decided to run home on my lunch break – I am out of Nuun at work! Depending on the route, I live approx. 2.5-3 miles from work – which a “quicker” workout, running home, is doable in my hour break. I decided to run home so I could refresh my Nuun stash at work! Yes, I could have just brought more the next day…but that doesn’t help me today 🙂


[lunch] crock pot venison + carrots, onions, celery + mashed potatoes (from farmers market + meal prep)


[afternoon snack] big slice apples

I won these apples in a giveaway this past month…and they are great! Little known fact (news to me), the apples are “made” just down the road from where we live! Well, more like down the highway…but really close! Yum!


[dinner] egg bake (from farmers market + meal prep)


[after dinner snack] popcorn + Nuun Watermelon in new water bottle!

Well, I was planning on eating some popcorn and drinking some water…but the little man decided that he would like to share – and then boycotted my water for himself… Oh well, at least he is hydrated!



I am linking up with Jenn and the whole gang for WIAW – ArmanMeghan, and Laura!


Do you meal prep over the weekend? Do you have a go-to recipe to make for the week? Could I have the recipe?? I could always use another!!

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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