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marathon training w4

This week was a great running week! Overall, this was a nice week of running and a little additional cross training in the form of body weight exercises and cardio! Also, I foam rolled more this week than I have in a while! – that needs to keep up in the long term as well!

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Workout Recap

Marathon Training – Week 4 


Sunday- 3.91 miles – recovery run

45 minute run
3 minute walk

I didn’t realize that when I started my watch, I hit the button twice – which skipped the “run” mode and put the stage of my workout in the “cool down” mode…so I never was “beeped at” when my running time was over and I could cool down. Oh well…at least I knew a little bit about the route I was taking and when I thought my time would be up… PS – this was the COLDEST run to date with the windchill at -5!! Lots of layers…and still a frozen butt…


Monday- 5.65 miles – interval run

60 minute run
5 minute walk

I ran out of Nuun at my desk at work…sad day! So, I figured up the mileage to run home over my lunch break to get more! It was totally doable with an interval workout on the schedule – not doable if it was an easy or recovery run sort of day. I got back to work just in time to enjoy the hydration of my labor 🙂


Tuesday-4 miles – easy, recovery run

45 minute run
3 minute walk

I was able to finally get out for my lunch run…but I didn’t check the weather report before packing my bag in the morning. It started snowing during the day and my workout clothes were grey and white… I guess luck was on my side that I didn’t get hit by a car! I also kept close to sidewalks and the trail once I realized that I looked like a snowball running around…


I also hit my first 100 miles of the year on Tuesday for 2,016 in 2016! On to the next 100…


Wednesday- 5.45 miles – steady run

60 minute run
8 minute walk

I almost didn’t get out in enough time to get my morning run in…but I did it! The snow made the run interesting for sure – as I wasn’t sure if I would be running on snow, partially frozen sidewalks, or clean surfaces.


Thursday- “rest” day

I took advantage of not having a workout…and I shoveled the neighbor’s driveway and then our own – before work!


Friday- 4.5 miles – recovery run

55 minutes run
5 minutes walk

I had planned on doing the “hills” workout on my schedule, but things do not always go according to planned 🙂 I decided to just take it a little easier on myself and take a nice, easy run to the bank and back to work. The snow made it a little more interesting!


Saturday- 14.1 miles – long run

a lot of minutes running! + 20 minutes walking

When my alarm went off at 4am (or so I thought), I thought I was in a good place when it came to timing my long run! Then…my 5am alarm went off when I was in the bathroom… Odd. I guess it was really 4:45am when my alarm went off – and with a planned leaving time of 4:45am, I was out of time! I cut my first “group run” loop a little short and they caught up with me towards the end. I was able to run the second 6 mile loop and and then back home before the hubs had to leave for work.


Weekly Miles: 37
Weekly Minutes: a lot of minutes 🙂

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 5


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How did your week go? Have you started training for any 2016 races?

Do you have a favorite cardio workout? I enjoy Insanity workouts (mostly Pure Cardio and Cardio Circuit) with Shaun T to get my heart pumping and blood flowing…Get your sweat on!

Are you running 2,016 miles in 2016? Join me for the fun and challenge!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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20 thoughts on “marathon training w4

  1. I couldn’t live without my foam roller! I’m very impressed you ran home to get your Nuun. That’s commitment right there! And then the bank! I wish I could run my errands. I’d be hit by a car for sure! We are not a runner friendly city, unfortunately. So many got their show shoveling workouts in this weekend. I felt left out — but that’s OK!! I’m not doing the 2016 challenge. This old gal has to watch her mileage and not get injured. Boo. I’ll be cheering for you, though! Thanks for linking up with us Lindsey!


    1. I need to get a better quality roller at some point…but I work with what I have 🙂 I work roughly 2-3 miles from home (depending on the route) so it wasn’t a FAR stretch to run it in my lunch hour…and the bank is 2 miles from work 🙂 Our city is small enough that most days I am fairly safe…I also try and stay away from campus (Kansas State University) because there have been students hit by cars walking, let alone running! I surely got my shovel time in 🙂


  2. I can’t believe you ran home on your lunch break. I wish I could do that. Even if I could, I think I’d be way to sweaty afterwards to want to work the rest of the day. Great job on your runs. I have that same nathan vest and I love it!


  3. Ha what a great way to get in a workout, just run home on your lunch break! I love it. See you do what you can when you can! I hate to be without my Nuun too, so I could see myself doing that if my home wasn’t 25 miles away, maybe I shouldn’t try that! 🙂 Thanks Lindsey for linking and your support this week!


  4. Congrats on a great week of running! it’s tough getting out there in the cold but you took care of business…-5 wind chill is brutal!


  5. that is a lot of miles in that weather! I thought my Sunday long run was bad and it was 36 degrees! You are a champ! Have a great week! #weeklywrap


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