wild rice + blueberries | WIAW

Since I didn’t get around early enough to get in a full workout in the morning, I was super strapped for time before work! Good thing I meal prepped over the weekend! My snacks and meals were in the fridge and ready to grab and go!

[drinks] 32oz water x3 + Nuun watermelon+ La Croix + Nuun Energy (afternoon delight) 

[morning workout] 2.85 miles – easy, recovery run

I was able to get out for a morning run before work! I was planning on running the longer interval workout, but I didn’t get around early enough, whomp whomp! A run
is a run is a run…


[breakfast] bulletproof coffee + banana

[morning snack] english muffin + egg + cheese

While this is generally a breakfast staple, I ate my “snack” not long after my usual breakfast time.


[afternoon workout] 2.85 miles – easy run

Well, I planned on getting a second easy run in for the day since my morning workout was shorter than I would have liked. The only issue happened around mile 1.5…I started getting super weak. After thinking about it, it had been quite a while since my last snack…and I got out for my run a lot later than I anticipated. I ended up walking back to work so I could get some major lunch down the hatch!


[lunch] orange + creamy chicken wild rice soup + carrots + ranch

[post lunch snack] Oatmega chocolate mint bar (thank you Suzlyfe for the giveaway!)


[afternoon snack] greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + Manitoba hemp hearts

[dinner] meatballs + carrots + tomatoes + celery + ranch

Dinner was so filling – vegetables galore! But the little man started stealing my carrots…and started double and triple dipping carrots in the ranch, sucking off the dip, and dipping again….ew. At that point…the remainder of the ranch was his to dip and dip and dip again…




I am linking up with Jenn and the whole gang for WIAW – ArmanMeghan, and Laura!


Do you meal prep over the weekend? Do you have a go-to recipe to make for the week? Could I have the recipe?? I could always use another!!

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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2 thoughts on “wild rice + blueberries | WIAW

    1. Kids. Are. Gross. The sandwich quickly became a breakfast/brunch/snack favorite this week! I brought a small Pyrex bowl and cooked the egg in the microwave at work (3-15 sec cycles), toasted the muffin, and TADA, yummy town!


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