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marathon training w5

This week was one for the record books, for sure! It has been quite a while since I have logged so many double workout days…and I am feeling great, and wanting more! The weather has been wonderful and caused me to want to take additional lunch runs…and I started adding more cross training and yoga into the mix.

Workout Recap

Marathon Training – Week 5


Sunday- 3.25 miles – recovery run

40 minute run
3 minute walk

I woke up with the intention to get out and run before our day trip to Topeka – but that didn’t happen. I settled for a “warm” stroller run with the little man when we got back – 45 degrees with 4″ of snow on the ground, interesting weather Kansas, as always…


Monday- a 2 workout kind of day

2.85 miles – easy, recovery run

30 minute run
5 minute walk

I had every intension of getting up early enough to get the longer “interval” run in before work, but that just wasn’t in the cards. My new phone wasn’t syncing my workouts and then didn’t want to pair with said new phone…whomp! Once I was able to get it all figured out, I didn’t have enough time for the interval run. I “settled” for the easy, recovery run (30 minutes versus the 65+ minute interval run) before work.


2.85 miles – easy, recovery run

25 minute run
20 minute walk

Due to my less than impressive run in the morning, I decided to also have a lunch run! This is not a far cry from the norm…but I didn’t plan my run very well between snacks/meals. I started to get weak during the run and decided to walk back to work. Live and learn…


Tuesday morning-cross training day

2.75 miles – Insanity Cardio (tracked “distance” with Forerunner)

55 minute workout (forgot to start watch the first time through the warm-up, completed the warm-up twice)

So much for a “cross training” day…I decided to do a DVD workout but forgot to start my watch, rookie move!  Once I was almost through the first warm-up, my watch beeped telling me that it was going to shut down – because I had turned it on to start the workout, but didn’t press it twice to ACTUALLY start the workout… Oh well.


5 miles – easy lunch run

While this was not a necessary, planned run in my schedule, I had to take advantage of the warm day in January! The pace was a little faster than my usual “easy” pace, but I wasn’t putting in more effort. I love the way a cardio session makes my muscles respond!


Wednesday- 5.55 miles

60 minute run
5 minute walk

I spent the morning cleaning my house…several loads of laundry, dishwasher cleaned and refilled, a cleaner bathroom, and meal/snack prepping time later, I was off to work for the day! I am glad that I moved my 20 degree morning run for a 50 degree afternoon lunch run!


Thursday- “rest day”

morning yoga – 30 minutes

I decided that I would like to do some yoga and stretching this morning…I used my 21DFX Yoga Extreme (which is not super extreme…for me, maybe I am not doing it right). 


4.26 miles – easy, recovery run – 60 minutes

Yep, you can’t keep a girl inside when it is nearly 50 degrees in January! Just saying – I didn’t push much at all for this run, and it felt great 🙂


Friday- 2 morning workouts (who is this gal?!)

1 mile – 21DFX workout (tracked “distance” with Forerunner)

32 minute workout

I knew that if I got up early enough, I could get in both a DVD strength/plyo workout and an additional marathon training run in – and so I did!


4 miles – hills run

50 minutes running

Yeah, morning run in the books! I am glad I did the strength/plyo workout beforehand – this might be a new workout routine to try a couple times a week!


Saturday- 16 miles – long run

15.5 mile easy, long run + 0.5 mile recovery walk

As the trend the past couple weeks, I didn’t get up in enough time to meet up with the running club. Only a 10 minute late start…but I was about 0.5 mile away from the meet up at the start time. Oh well! Better luck next weekend!


Weekly Miles: 48.75 miles
Weekly Minutes: a lot of minutes 🙂

This Week’s Projected Workouts

Marathon Training – Week 6


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How did your week go? 

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