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hairs cut + ice skating | Weekend Wrap

Well, I missed last weeks Weekend Wrap…so this is going to be a double edition! I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details – just the big events of the past two weekends 🙂


Last weekend (2-12/2-14)


Our little man got his hairs cut Friday night – he was not excited at first, but he got over it fast! He is a trooper when it comes to getting a hair cut – this is his 4th!

We had come yummy Chik-fil-a after!

Once home, I got to play with my new toy and set out my running clothes for my morning adventures!


I had planned on getting in a longer run before the Sweetheart 5K but the weather was brutal…low, low temps and freezing winds. I decided to switch my workouts for the weekend and get my long run in on Sunday.


In conjunction with the 5K, there was a running expo. If I was going to KC just for the discounted races, this would have been a perfect event! But I wasn’t planning on registering for any…so this event was a little bit of a wash for me. I wandered around for a little bit, and then went home for the afternoon.

The Olympic trails for the marathon were on TV, so I decided to work out on the elliptical for about half of the race!

While I was working out, the little man and Grandma were making cookies :)…then Papa and little man ate cookies and milk!


I went for a nice morning long run up the linear trail, took a break at the house, then headed back out for the second half.


Not long after returning, the fam was ready to hit the road. The grandparents were going towards Manhattan to see the great-grandparents. So they took the little man back while I cleaned up and hit the road shortly thereafter.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready for the week.

This past weekend (2-19/2-21)


The little man and I had a date with the ice skating rink! There was a work party at the local ice skating rink and I thought that we would at least drop by for a little bit. I am not bad on skates, but the little man has some room for improvement 🙂

After a few books, it was lights out!



The morning started like most – a long run to start the weekend off right! A missed turn in my first loop ment that I didn’t get to meet up with the running group for loop #2, but at least I got the miles in!


The little man and I had a day of playing, eating, coloring, playing…etc!

Little man even got to ride in the “bus” at the grocery store 🙂

I worked on some meal prep the rest of the day and made enchiladas for dinner 🙂


The hubs wanted to go out for breakfast, so we went to “EE” – Early Edition. Little man enjoyed his meal the most 🙂

The rest of the day was spend playing, cleaning, not napping, coloring, and everything else a little boy does…other than take a nap.

I was able to get a little meal prepping completed while Needy McNeederson wasn’t on my leg…I made some Potato Leek soup, yum!

Later in the day, the little man and I went for a run…that turned into a walk, and back to a run. Since the grandparents wanted to see the little guy, we slowed down for a little Facetime action 🙂 I was able to finally get my 300 miles for the year too! Whoop!

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