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In the past, I would consider myself a “Bling Chaser”…I love the bling reward at the end of a good race! Even if the race sucked, the BLING makes it a little more worth the pain. With the new age of virtual races, chasing the BLING is a lot easier! Here are a few of my favorite BLING pieces hanging on my wall!



Bill Snyder Highway Half 

This metal has a little more favor on my wall – this was my first half marathon, in my current home town, and the metal is my Alma Mater! I had originally signed up for the 5K thinking “I couldn’t possibly be ready to run the half marathon that soon!” Well, after a couple of the training runs, I decided to change my registration! I couldn’t have been happier about the experience!

Hospital Hill 10K 

I have run Hospital Hill for the past couple of years. I have run the “Re-Run” option both times! This is where you run the 5K on Friday night and then either the 10K or half marathon on Saturday morning – I have only run the 10K for this set of events. The metals are always large and fun! The run last year was a feat for me – the previous year, this event took me out of running for 5-6 months. This year, I was stronger and ready to take on the challenge!

Rock the Crossroads 

The first year I completed this KC race, I was AT the race. This past year, I completed the distance virtually! It ended up that I was in KC the weekend of the race, but a day late.

KC Half Marathon 

The KC Marathon was another race for the memory bank. I trained to run a new PR and I completed that task with the help of the Smart Pacers out of KC. I was in the best physical condition at this time, and I can only hope to be able to help other runners meet their goals as a Smart Pacer this year!

Go Girl Run Half Marathon 

While this race was not a good one, the metal is HUGE! This race was a hot one…I had trained for the race well, but was not prepared for the heat and lack of fuel along the route. The race and e-mails advertised that there would be GU or the like at every water stop…but the first sight of fuel was at mile 6 – about 1-1.5 miles past my planned fuel intake distance. I was shot the rest of the race – I finished!…but it was not pretty.

Konquer the Konza 10K 

As my first trail race, I was not prepared for the conditions. I wore older shoes that I thought would hold up in the conditions – which they did! I am just glad that I didn’t sign up for the 21K distance…the hills were crazy and I only had to complete them once – if I ran the longer distance, I would have ran them twice! This was a fun race that I wouldn’t mind running again and again 🙂

Bling Race Goals:

  • Rangar Race
  • Disney Race Series
  • Rock and Roll Marathon Series – more to come on this!!!

What are your favorite metals? What is the memory behind the metal?

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