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hills + nana’s visit  | Weekend Wrap


All weekends start on Friday, don’t they?! I got off work a little early and since it was 60 degrees, I went for a run. I ran around the park close to the little man’s daycare so I could just run over to get him. Once he was ready to go, we walked back to the park – 0.25 miles of “car”, “truck”, “house”, and “what color is that *insert random object*.” He enjoyed the walk but was more concerned with where my car was…

Once back at the park, I thought that a little time at the playground was in order 🙂 He could hardly contain his excitement when he saw the slides!

After fun play, we needed to get home and have dinner. Little man was equally upset that we had to leave he playground for ANY reason… I promised that we would come back, but that didn’t matter. He cried the whole way home… Once near the driveway, “home! home!” Was all he could say, more excited than upset at this point. Dinner was calm and we just relaxed, watched some Toy Story 3, and took it easy.


I had full intention of getting up super early and getting a nice long run on my legs for the day… I did get up super early!…but then ate my pre-workout grub and made coffee, put the dry clothes away (some needed for the morning run),  got dressed to run, switched the laundry and started another load, put the clean dishes away and started a new load – since I didn’t want to run a partial load of dishes , I decided  to make up vegetable soup (see recipe and prep in Meal Prep) for the crock pot (set it and forget it, until closer to dinner), by that time the ladnry shut off again – so I hung the clothed, switched the loads, and started the another load again,…and now it is late enough that I shouldn’t go out for even close to 1/2 of my planned long run! I can get distracted so easily…

So, at this point, I decided to break up my runs throughout the day – a shorter run in the “early” morning, a longer run with a 1K race in the mid-morning thru lunch time…and a walk later in the afternoon (since it is supposed to get up to 70 today!).

I was able to get in a 6 mile easy run before little man woke up and nana showed up for the day.


Well, even the best written plans are not always published… I ended up dilly-dallying around after my first 6… So much that I was unable to run to the event and run home.

So I drove to the park where the race started, picked up my bib and hat, and started running up the street and back.

The MHK1K was a race from Goodnow Park up to the top of Manhattan Hill. Due to the race being on a rugged, single lane trail, the runners were released in 5 person groups every 30 seconds, in progressing mile times – so not to create bottlenecks along the run. I didn’t see much of the scenic trail until u was on my way back down…but I plan to go running on these trails again real soon 🙂

After the event, I took the hubs “winter” work shirts to the cleaner, stopped for a Starbucks beverage, got gas, and headed home.

The little man, NaNa, and the pup were plying outside when I got home. The day wad shaping up to be a beautiful one! We talked about the race and plans for the day. After some coloring, chatting, and lunch, little man went down for his nap. While I planned on staying home during this time so NaNa could run any errands in town, she was falling asleep while we were talking. Poor NaNa 🙂 I decided to go for my longer run for the day and left soon after.

I didn’t stick to my original route plan…I basically ran up Kimball to the trail, then over to Marlatt park. At the park, my original plan was to then take Marlatt Street home… Well, then I needed to use the restroom… So, I decided to make my run and out-and-back trip (since there is a gas station on the way). While the distance was only 1.5 miles longer than the original plan, my legs were feeling the heat – mostly due to the chafe! Wow, it has been a fe low moons since I have felt with chaffing! During that second half of the run, I was feeling great, but the chafe between my legs was just about unbearable. My run turned into a run/walk just so I could get home to the family. **Mental note- pack glide for all runs from now on**


Once I got back, NaNa was ready to hit the road. She was a big help in a pinch this weekend and we are always so great full for her help and support!


The hubs also got gone soon after and we headed out for the evening! The guys had planned a fish fry and I couldn’t be more excited! The guys were in the garage drinking and frying, the gals (for the most part) were chatting with the kiddos inside. Little man has always enjoyed fish, but he just didn’t care to even try it tonight… He did get an orange and peel it all by himself!

The little man also wanted to hold little Miss B 🙂 He didn’t like that I was holding her because he wanted to…too cute 🙂  She wasn’t happy (just hungry) but he didn’t mind 🙂


Once the guys were done eating, we got a ride home. The guys had plans to make fishing lures for the rest of the night…so I’m glad we got home at a decent hour 🙂


No alarms. Just wake up when the tired body wanted to… I also glanced at the calebdar – no workout! Sounds like a good day for a walk and some serious stretching and rolling! Spent a little time with the kitty while checking social media and listening to a little guy babble “mama, dada, nana, tickle-tickle-tickle, papa, o-a-k…” 🙂


We started with a little breakfast – and made a dozen cookies for mom 🙂

After the cookies were baking, little man was ready to start a movie, color, and play! He chose Monsters Vs Aliens…it had been a couple weeks since we have seen this one since we borrowed several movies from the grandparents. He was surely excited for it 🙂

After a bit, I sliced up a mango for MY snack…but it was soon hijacked…how does that always happen?!

Since the hubs was still relaxing in bed, the little guy and I decided to take a nice long, WINDY walk to the Orange Leaf (since the #2016in2016 was talking about frozen yogurt, I had the craving!) the frozen yogurt place in town 🙂 It took me a bit to get everything around as far as snacks and drinks go…I was prepared to walk there, enjoy some sweetness, then walk back. Lucky us, the hubs met us there for a little family time and then let us ride home 🙂

Once home, it was nap time for the little guy, nap time for the big guy, and I just chilled on the couch catching up on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

The hubs decided to go to the store to get dinner. Again, I just lazied around 🙂 The little man ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours! I knew the walk and wind wire him out…but woah! I was glad for the peace and quiet for a while 🙂 We had lasagna for dinner and then little man was back to bed for the night.

Due to a “not great” phone call from my dad about the condition of mom, I put myself to bed early as well…

How was your weekend? Have you ever broken up your long run into smaller runs throughout the day? Any fro-yo trips this weekend? 

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6 thoughts on “hills + nana’s visit  | Weekend Wrap

  1. I do not miss having a little one, but I so enjoy seeing how you young mothers juggle it all! Oh and the questions, ha I remember all the questions and not wanting to leave the playground, but it’s all better with another distraction, right? 🙂 Thanks Lindsey for linking up with us, hope you have a great rest of the week!


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