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As always, the weekend starts on FRIDAY!! After picking up little man from daycare, we headed to the stadium to tailgate for the Kansas State/Texas baseball game. Between our department and the marketing department at work, a tailgate was arranged and I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get little man into a baseball game : )

We had a good time tailgating (except for the 10+ minutes that we needed to run home to get my phone…) – I just kept telling him, “We are going back, Go Wildcats! Baseball, yes….baseball!” over and over so he would calm down a little…he was not pleased that I forgot my phone and WE had to go back and get it…

Once we got back, I set him on the potty (since it had been well over an hour since his last session) and I talked him into going peepee on the potty, SUCCESS!

We then were able to enjoy chatting with everyone who cam out, played with Casey/Josh’s doggy, played catch with Tom, and played in the parking spots with Cooper and a little football.


After a little bit, we headed to the stadium for the game. Little man was super excited for the game…also because the weather was nice and there were a ton of motorcycles out riding around (**cue his “motorcycle” noise). We were in line to buy my ticket (because he still gets in for free) and a couple walked up and said, “free tickets, two free tickets.” I said sure and took one, while the guy next to me said, “what’s the catch?” No catch, they just had 2 extra tickets to the game. Nice!! Free game for the little man and I!!

We sat right behind the home plate area in the General Admission stands. I was glad that we were able to sit against the gate so little man could see the game (and Willy the Wildcat,…of course).

We watched the game, we danced with the music, we attacked saw Willy and wouldn’t leave him alone and had a good time for a few innings. There was even a foul ball that was hit and landed in our area! Since Oakley was yelling “BALL” and the older people that caught it, they tossed it down to him (which he attempted to toss back as a game…but I talked him into holding onto it and throwing it with daddy sometime). Since it was already 1) getting cooler, 2) I am a bad mom and didn’t put him in pants that day, 3) I am an even worse mom for not putting PANTS in his diaper big boy bag, 4) it was getting closer to bedtime, and 5) he started not listening to me and doing everything EXCEPT what I wanted him to do, it was time to go home…

I had to carry him back to the car because he was wanting to chase the motorcycles down the street and play with the kids that were still in the stadium. This kid is going to love baseball season with daddy 🙂

Once back at the car, we sat on the potty again…this time, he was not as excited to go peepee in the potty for mommy. He fought me tooth-and-nail because he could see people playing ball across the way and wanted to join them. Eventually, the prospect of a bubble bath when we got home did the trick and we were on our way.

Yes, I am THAT mom…potty training is no joke!

Once we got home, I gave little man his much promised bubble bath…to which he made such a mess in the bathroom! Water and bubbles everywhere! (easy clean up I guess…)

After bath time and getting ready for bed, we settled in for a movie for 15 or so minutes. Yep, I am the queen of bribery – how would I ever get him out of the empty tub?? Bribe him with a movie…well, it works! We settled into the couch for a little Cars…or at least until he got restless…then it was time to go back upstairs for bed, for the both of us!


The morning started like most of the last 4 months, with a morning run! This morning was a little different in that 1) I drove to the meeting point, 2) I on;y ran one loop, and 3) I ran it relatively fast! With this being my last “long run” before my FIRST MARATHON experience, I took advantage of it. While I would have liked to show up a little earlier to warm up a little more, I felt good! With steady conversation, I was able to keep pace with the people that I usually am following behind. It was good to feel “fast” with the rest of the group 🙂

Before heading home, I went to Dillon’s for some coffee (Starbucks) and mucus relief… What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger…but the mucus in my face is just plain annoying and I want it gone before next weekend! I also picked up a coffee and muffin for the hubs 🙂


Once I got home, I could hear little man talking in his room – so I dropped everything off on the counter and headed upstairs. While he was awake, he was not fully functional…we talked for a bit and I gave him a couple cars and books to play with while I went and changed.

Before too long, we were eating some breakfast and getting ready for the day.

First thing on the agenda, our bountiful basket pick-up at 10:15am. We made sure to hit up the bathroom before leaving, because the line at the pick-up is always long and they usually start a little later than the pick-up times.


While the baskets are generally supposed to be “50% fruit, 50% vegetable”, we got mostly vegetables this week – which I am PERFECTLY alright with! I also splirged and bought a bag of “tropical granola” and it is AMAZING!!

1 watermelon       1 bunch of celery      4 heads of broccoli      1 butter lettuce
swiss chard      2 green cauliflower      3 large tomatoes
6 avocado      3 zucchini      3 cucumbers      a bag of cherry tomatoes

Once we unloaded our basket at home, we hit up the potty again…this time, the bribe was that we were going to go to the park!! A new running friend of mine made a last minute plan to come to Manhattan for a few hours and was going to go to the park for a picnic with her girls. We happily joined in on the fun and wore ourselves out! We even say one of our daycare friends at the park!

After play time was over, I attempted to get a picture with little man and the girls…but not everyone wanted to participate 🙂

Once we got home, it was nap time for sure…probably for little man and myself!! I stayed up…but little man wasn’t going down without a fight…or at least 5 potty sessions. Every time we would get settled into his room, “….potty…potty.” So we would go to the potty and he would pee a little…then we would go back to his room and start the cycle over. The only good thing was that he sat on the potty for a long time,…and finally had his first no2 on the potty! While I was praising him for this MONUMENTAL VICTORY, he was really upset… We are going to have to get over no2 being a bad thing happening…fo sho!!

After our nap, we headed outside for a while! Always…he always wants to be outside…


Since our nap was later in the day, we didn’t have a lot of time to play around before the hubs got home and we could head out for dinner. One of the cousins in town had their birthday this weekend and we all were headed out for dinner to celebrate! They spent the afternoon at the new local zip line – while I wish we could have gone, it was fun to hear the stories over dinner.


I started the day with another run 🙂 A much slower and shorter run…I just couldn’t pass up the beautiful morning before it got hot today…


Once I got home, little man was up and wanting to get out of bed. It is kind of amazing that he is able to stay dry most nights…the hubs is the one that gets up with him most days and says it is hit-and-miss when he is wet in the morning. Otherwise, I would try no more diapers. Period. Oh well, we will get there!

The little man and I got around and had some breakfast – oatmeal, strawberries, and avocado for the little man; loaded oatmeal for mom!

IMG_9055Once the little guy realized that it was nice outside and that the dog was the only one enjoying the weather, he wanted to be outside…all day. So we took advantage of the nice morning. I had some coffee out on the swing and the 2 little ones (the dog and the boy) played in the backyard.

After some playing with the dog, we started pulling weeds in the yard. Little man was my little shadow…I would pull a weed, he would then follow behind me and put it in his bag. We got through about 80-90% of the backyard before I moved to the front. There are a lot more distractions in the front yard (rocks in the front beds, “wheels” on our cars, airplanes in the sky, motorcycles zooming around, chairs to sit in,…you name it), so I lost my helper.

In the back of my mind, I wanted to wear this little guy out so he could go down for a nap a little earlier than usual. The afternoon plans consisted of going to a consignment sale and the hubs was going to go out to watch the Royals game somewhere. If I could get him down for a slightly-earlier nap, he wouldn’t be quite the terror the rest of the afternoon… Well, that plan didn’t happen. I stayed in his room for a while, then when I thought that he was asleep, I would try to sneak out…but once I was sitting up in the chair, he would start to giggle… bummer. So I stayed in his room most of the next 2 hours to see if he would take a short nap – but every time he would be out (or almost out) something would happen to wake him back up. Oh well.IMG_9057

We went to the consignment pick up and got some great clothes, a bunch of books, and little man found a toy that he wouldn’t put down. We ended up getting 3 pairs of shoes, 1 toy, 30-40+ books, 30 shirts (2T-4T), and 12 pants/shorts (2T-4T). We should be set for a while at least 🙂

Once we were home for a bit, I noticed little man walking around on his tippy-toes and making a weird face…this is now known as the “no2 dance”……so we decided to go sit on the potty. It took a little time, a little game, a book to read, and a potty seat trade (he was sitting on the big potty and wanted to sit on the little potty seat – yes more clean-up for mom, but all is fair in going in the potty!) – but he did it!! NO2 in the potty – #2 for the weekend!!

**I sort of apologize to my readers that would rather not read about little kids learning to be potty trained – but this is real life and my days revolve around trying to make my little man GO in the bathroom and not in his pants 🙂 **

After I got the books sorted and all of the pins and tags off the clothes, I started meal prepping for the week. I roasted some vegetables, spiralized some zucchini and potatoes, make another batch of cabbage “stir fry”, and made little man some dinner. While I was cooking, I could hear little man reading his new books…I peeked around the corner to find him pointing at the pictures and telling himself what he was looking at. Too. Cute.

The remainder of the evening consisted of another bubble bath (yep…no2 in the pants again) and some relaxing in our bed watching a movie. Once the little boy and his not-so-little dog started playing on the bed, it was time for him to go to his bed…

Cue lights out.

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3 thoughts on “play dates + potty breaks | Weekend Wrap

  1. I just had to lol about your disclaimer thrown in there about potty training and children’s potty habits. I have 4 kiddos and have been through your exact situations! I promise you that once everything clicks with your little man, then life will get easier. The issue im facing right now is teaching my little man ( 3 almost 4) how to properly wipe himself after no2. i know he will eventually get it. I’ll be so glad when the day comes that I am not wiping butts anymore! And then I’ll look back and miss these days that my babies are still little and need mommy. My oldest son is almost 13 and I am so wishing I could press a pause button on life!!! It sounds cliche but time really does speed up once you have children. Cherish it all you can, even the not so fun parts bc they do grow up waaaay to fast!

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  2. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that took pictures of their potty training little one on the potty! Potty training is serious business, that’s for sure, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job. My oldest potty trained easily (minus the nap time and bed time wetting… still battling that at 3) but I have a hunch my second won’t be as easy.

    Great runs this week! I loved the pictures of your boy 🙂 Such a cutie!
    Amy @

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